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Valve Reset the CSGO Regional Major Rankings and Crack Down on Coaching

On this Wednesday update, Valve has announced a complete reset on the Regional Major Rankings (RMR) for the 2021 season, a new set of rules for coaches and the release of a sticker capsule to celebrate these events.

After much speculation about the future of the Regional Major Rankings system, Valve has finally announced its plans it, moving forwards into 2021 on a clean sleight, giving a full point reset across the board.

Even though this will help those who made a number of roster moves during 2020, the teams that managed to climb up the ranks will have a minor advantage, with Valve attributing 600 points to the teams that took up Legends spots, 300 to the ones that reached Challengers and 100 to the ones that settled on the position of Contenders.

Mousesports RMR
Teams such as Mousesports will have a second chance to reach the 2021 Major (Credit: ESL)

Teams will also now be able to specify a substitute player that is separate from their coach, hinting at the recent surge in six-man rosters. Nevertheless, the team will still incur a penalty when the substitute plays in an event, even if there is no penalty when that player is brought back in, making it highly unlikely that a per-map-basis substitution will be viable.

Valve has also cracked down on coaches, presenting a new rule set that heavily restricts their impact on online matches.

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During any future RMR events, only players will be allowed in the room where the matches are played from, with coaches and staff being forbidden to be on the same room as the players, inside the server where the match is being played, or to communicate with the team in any other way.

Given the conclusion of the Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC) investigation on the infamous coaching-bug, Valve will be taking hard measures against these individuals, excluding them from a number of Valve-sponsored events correlated to their usage of the bug: two ESIC demerits will ban you for one event, three will ban you for two, up until a maximum of six demerits bans you from all CS:GO Majors.

PGL Major
The 2021 PGL Major Stockholm will feature the largest prize pool in CS:GO history (Credit: PGL)

All these changes are yet another attack from Valve on coaches, which were already impaired from communicating with the players during live-rounds on Valve sponsored events.

To celebrate the 2020 RMR Circuit, Valve has also released a new sticker capsule featuring the highest ranked rosters, with 50% of the proceeds directly supporting the teams.

Perhaps more interesting, the capsule features organisations that have long since dropped out of CS:GO or acquired other squads, such as 100 Thieves, Gen.G, ESPADA, GODSENT and BOOM. And even though former 100 Thieves coach Chris ‘GoMeZ’ Ofanellis has confirmed the players will profit from the stickers, it might be the exception and not the norm.

All these changes come following the announcement of a new Counter-Strike Major, with the most prestigious event in the circuit bound to make a return after a two-year hiatus. Planned to be hosted in the Swedish city of Stockholm, the Major will be organized by PGL and will take place during October 23rd and November 7th.

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