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Vaporum: Lockdown Review

Vaporum lockdown is a grid-based dungeon crawler and a prequel to Vaporum. It was developed by Fatbot Games, and is available on Microsoft Windows via Steam & GOG.

This Atmosphere Will Suck You In For Hours

The game is a relatively normal dungeon crawler with the normal fighting enemies, solving puzzles, finding your way through the strange labyrinth and learning about the world you’re in. The fights and puzzles can seem a little hard at times, some had me thinking for longer than I’d like to admit, which brings a lot of satisfaction when finally finishing them along with finding the secrets scattered throughout the dungeon.  Vaporum has a fantastic atmosphere, the kind that will suck you in for hours and hours and hours with its simple yet effective design if you are into it.  The game looks relatively good and runs well on low end devices.

The Voice Acting Is A Highlight

The music that accompanies the game isn’t great, it doesn’t seem to fit too well and frankly annoyed me some of the time to the point i ended up muting sometimes. The voice acting throughout was rather good, better than I was expecting which brought more joy to playing as voice acting can play a big role in how a game is enjoyed. As for normal sound effects like moving, pulling objects, attacking and so on, they were decent as well but could have definitely used some work.

The Gameplay Doesn’t Change Much From The Earlier Game In The Series

The game is nicely executed for its genre but not all that different to the earlier made sequel, Vaporum, as not much was really expanded on, the graphics got a bit better and the display didn’t really change at all.  The puzzles are relatively difficult but still logical and enjoyable to complete and the fights can be a little challenging, which only make it more fun during and after.  The story itself isn’t too exciting, but this isn’t the games strength. If you don’t buy Vaporum: Lockdown expecting a brilliant narrative, and instead go in focused on the gameplay, you won’t be disappointed.

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Would I Recommend

I would recommend this game, but only if you are interested in this genre of game. While it is an enjoyable game and offers a lot of content for the price, it fails to expand upon the previous entry in the series. They have taken a “if it’s not broke then don’t fix it” approach, but in this instance that may have been a bad move on the developers part. As a grid-based dungeon crawler it is well done and enjoyable, you can spend a good 20-30 hours in a blind playthrough so buckle up for a long ride, just remember to save often!

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