Victories from Evil Geniuses and Whalers Set IEM New York North America in Motion. FURIA and 100 Thieves Comply With the Favouritism

IEM New York

The first day of IEM New York North America concluded with region favourites Evil Geniuses, Whalers, FURIA and 100 Thieves all securing their Best-of-Three series in a flawless manner, starting this Road to Rio event on the right foot.

On the map pick of their opponents, Evil Geniuses and the New England Whalers were quick to consolidate their defence, as they started in Overpass and Train correspondingly.

Despite the effort from Triumph’s youngster Paytyn ‘junior’ Johnson to grasp any rounds on offence, the half finished with a 12-3 lead for EG.

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A sequence of skirmishes kicked off the second half, with both teams finding rounds with flimsy buys and swinging the economy back and forth. However, the lead from the Geniuses was too big of a gap to close, closing the fixture on a 16-5 scoreboard.

After a brief technical pause, the Whalers continued their thrust against an ImPerium with very few answers. A dominating 14-1 half bought the goal posts closer to the forces of Ben ‘ben1337’ Smith. In spite of that, six match-points and a triple kill from Josh ‘pwnalone’ Pigue were required to conclude the match.

The New England Whalers are yet to secure any points in the Regional Major Rankings

On the other stream, EG was back on the server, this time on their map pick of Inferno. The current leaders of the Regional Major Rankings for North America seamlessly matched their CT side on Overpass with an equally dominating 12-3 by half-time.

The Geniuses closed the series 16-4 at the back off a 2v4 clutch perpetuated by Tarik ‘tarik’ Celik and Vincent ‘Brehze’ Cayonte.

Brehze set up shop on Inferno with a +20 Kill Differencial and 109.9 ADR

ImPerium was back in action on Overpass, trying to push things to the third map. The AWPs rang for the underdogs but to no avail, as the Whalers still managed to net nine rounds on attack.

Even so, the Ian ‘heretic’ Carfora side started to mount a comeback, getting robbed at the finish line, as he failed to seize a 1v2 post-plant and opened up the door for a five-round streak that zipped the series 2-0 with a ninja defuse.

Credit to ESL

The last two matches of the day featured international front-runners FURIA and 100 Thieves facing off against North American underdogs. The organization ran by Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag was the first to draw blood, with a strong CT side on Nuke that netted a 10-5 half.

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On the offence, Australian talent Justin ‘jks’ Savage and Norwegian veteran Joakim ‘jkaem’ Myrbostad carried out the team to a 16-12 finish line.

Facing off the Canadian core of Rebirth in their map pick of Mirage, FURIA started with a strong defence but ended up finding themselves in trouble at the end of the half, thanks to some great initiatives from Sebastian ‘retchy’ Tropiano.

Rebirth ran a triple AWP setup to counter FURIA’s brand of aggressive CS. And yet, it wasn’t enough

The Brazilian team started to find their grip on the T side, as per usual, and ditched out relentless attack after attack, closing out 16-12 on the ride of a Henrique ‘HEN1’ Teles play.

The Thieves from Down Under took it to Vertigo, turning up the heat on RBG with a stellar presentation from Aaron ‘AZR’ Ward. The In-Game-Leader conducted the raid with 21 kills by the end of the half.

With a 12-3 half, the Australians used a force-buy win to build the necessary rounds to close out the series with yet another clean 2-0.

100 Thieves is trailing Evil Geniuses by 225 points for the lead on Regional Major Rankings

It was in the hands of FURIA to finish the day with no upsets. The battlefield chosen by the Brazilians was Inferno and, as expected, Andrei ‘arT’ Piovezan made sure to put the North Americans on edge, as they grabbed an 11-4 lead. With a confident grasp on the match, they put the day to an end with a 16-6.

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