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Riot Employee Confirms Viego Will be Disabled at MSI 2021

Head of Esports for League of Legends in Europe & MENA, Maximilian Peter Schmidt has confirmed that Viego, the Ruined King will not be playable at the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational

This isn’t a surprise to most as Viego hasn’t been part of professional play in any region since he was released back in January.

Various bugs have prevented the champion from being played on the professional stage, one bug even allowed Viego to gain an infinite amount of ability power when using Dark Seal.

2021 Mid-Season Invitational

Since the announcement of the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational, scientists have claimed that “there are strong signs that a volcanic eruption may be underway following several days of near-constant seismic activity near Mount Keilir about 20 miles south of Reykjavik, the city where the event will be held.

While there shouldn’t be immediate danger, scientists advised to not travel to the area on the Reykjanes peninsula. The main concern for Riot Games is that if teams travel in May to Iceland, they could find themselves blocked & stranded for weeks, causing even more troubles, considering that COVID-19 is still around.

The 2021 Mid-Season Invitational is still scheduled to go ahead May 6th.

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