Virtus.Pro and ForZe Win Flashpoint Qualifier Games, Make It To Season 2

A good day for the CIS region, as Virtus.Pro and ForZe secured a spot on the $1,000,000 League, after winning their groups at the Flashpoint Qualifier. Out of the two groups, only one team at the Grand-Finals wasn’t hailing from the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Virtus.Pro concluded their upper bracket run by denying a reverse-sweep from BET7 sAw. The Portuguese side fell into the lower bracket at the opening round, proceeding to claw back into the tournament, as they made their way into the grand final of their Group, defeating teams such as GODSENT on their path.

The CIS team would start their opponents map pick on Vertigo in a very dominant fashion, securing 13 rounds by the end of the half, finishing 16-2.

If the Portuguese side wanted to have a saying in this series, they would have to show up on Dust 2. And yet, it wasn’t meant to be, as an even more asserting 14-1 half would make the series a clean 2-0, concluding a great showcase from the Dzhami ‘Jame’ Ali roster at the Closed Qualifier and crushing the dreams of having a team represent Portugal at Flashpoint.

Virtus.pro featured three out of the five best rated players at the Flashpoint Closed Qualifier

Over at Group B, ForZe would try a similar feat, as they would come all the way on the lower bracket against a comanding Gambit. However, by the end of the first map, ForZe would prove their upbringing meant nothing, as they dismantled Gambit with a ferocious attack, taking their time to close up Mirage 16-8.

ForZe wanted to close things out in the second map, but Dmitry ‘sh1ro’ Sokolov and company would steal ForZe closing out the series from under their nose, grasping the last two rounds and making it 16-14 on the scoreboard.

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Decider map would be Inferno, and it would develop into the most tight-knit map of these finals, as the series could land to any of the two sides, with Gambit being the first to get to 14 and once again, letting it slip at the last minute, as ForZe went past four match-points and didn’t hesitate to close the series 2-1.

With these two teams coming up from the Closed Qualifier, the team list for Flashpoint 2 starts to take shape, with B Site still hiding which teams will receive the last three invites.

Household names such as Cloud9, c0ntact, Envy, MIBR, MAD Lions, Gen.G and Dignitas are making a presence at the event, even though many of these organisations are as of yet to complete their roster.

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