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Virtus Pro Triumph Over Fnatic to Win Cs_Summit 7

Virtus Pro continue to find success at top-level Counter-Strike, finding their second title in a row on cs_summit 7, starting 2021 by taking home $100,000 after a clear cut 2-0 against Fnatic in the Best-of-Three Grand-Finals of the event.

Despite making it all the way to the Grand-Finals, the debut of Jack ‘Jackinho’ Mattsson as the fifth player of Fnatic won’t end with him lifting what would be the first international title of his career.

Even though both Fnatic and Virtus Pro showed clear dominance throughout the event, the CIS roster would grind out the series and finish it with a swift one-two punch.

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The series started on Inferno, Virtus Pro’s map pick. Opening things up on the offensive side of the map, the CIS roster managed to claw a one-round lead by the end of the half.

Moving into second time, Fnatic was in the prime seat, conquering six fast rounds and putting 13 on the scoreboard. However, VP readjusted their defence and nearly streaked their way to 16 rounds, was it not for a 1v2 clutch from Ludvig ‘Brollan’ Brolin on round 29.

In the last round of regulation time, Sanjar ‘SANJI’ Kuliev and Dzhami ‘Jame’ Ali joined forces to close the map for Virtus Pro, putting them 1-0 in the series.

Next map would take us to the heights of Vertigo, with the Swedish roster of Fnatic hoping to bounce back into the series.

Mareks ‘YEKINDAR’ Gaļinskis would make this a complicated proposition, coming through with a stellar 102.7 ADR to bring Virtus Pro to the same 8-7 half time score that they had conquered in the first map of the series.

The second time would be catastrophic for the side of Fnatic, with the Swedes only grasping a single round before Virtus Pro could close the series on a dominant 16-8, conquering the cs_summit 7 title.

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