Vision Strikers Secure First Strike Korea and Remain Unbeaten in their Region

After winning every online tournament in their region, Vision Strikers proved that they could also dominate in LAN by securing First Strike Korea, with a clean 3-0 sweep over TNL Esports in the Best-of-Five Grand-Finals.

Riding a massive wave of favouritism heading into the tournament, Vision Strikers had only dropped one map in their path to the Finals, with Cloud9 Korea beating them on Icebox in the Semi-Finals.

The series began on Split, the map pick of Vision Strikers. A sloppy start to their attack gave some hope to the underdogs, with TNL Esports securing the lead by half-time.

It wasn’t until TNL reached double digits that we saw Vision Strikers bounce back into the match from a very costly anti-eco. A five round streak with major contributions from Lee ‘k1ng’ Seung-won’s Killjoy would let them close out Split on a 13-10 scoreline.

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For the second map in the series, TNL would take us to Icebox, one of the worst maps for Vision Strikers, in a clear anti-strat maneuver. Justifying the unusual Cypher pick, k1ng would rise to the occasion once again and put them on a four round lead by the end of the half.

After winning the pistol round, TNL didn’t have much to show on the defensive side and started to crumble into chaos, with their constant aggression netting little to no results.

A desperate 5v5 retake on the A site would see them being put up against the ropes with a 13-7 win putting Vision Strikers a map away from collecting the First Strike Korea title.

First Strike Korea
Vision Strikers are the faces of Korean VALORANT – Twitter

To complicate things further, the series was heading into Bind, the strongest map of Vision Strikers. And while the experienced veterans of VS looked comfortable and ready to secure their first LAN title of the year, TNL was looking even more unwieldy and hopeless.

Trailing by six rounds and with their backs up against the wall, TNL managed to string five rounds in the second half, but it was too late to complete the comeback, with a 13-8 victory concluding the series with a swift 3-0 in favour of Vision Strikers, as they conquered one more regional title.

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