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Vizicsacsi retires from professional League of Legends

Vizicsacsi retires

Tamás “Vizicsacsi” Kiss announced today that he will retire as a professional League of Legends player. The Hungarian made this decision after reaching World Championship quarterfinals as a toplaner of Splyce.

Csacsi broke the news on his Twitter and Facebook accounts:

“As the season is coming to an end, I have an announcement to make. After my contract with Splyce expires, I will be retiring from professional play. My personal philosophy is to always give my best at what I do, but I don’t feel like I have the drive and motivation to go into the next years anymore.”- he said, as well as thanking his fans for the support throughout the years.

Vizicsacsi’s career path

VIzicsacsi introduced himself to the European scene as a member of Unicorns of Love in 2015. Very soon, the team became a fan favorite with their fearless playstyle and interesting off-meta picks. They were very successful right off the bat, as they reached European finals in their inaugural split. Unfortunately, they failed to reach Worlds, as they lost in the regional finals. 
Furthermore, UOL had quite impressive results in the EU LCS but failed to qualify for Worlds, as they lost another regional finals in 2016.

However, VIzicsacsi consistently performed well and was awarded a 2017 spring split MVP.

photo via: Riot Games

After three years in UOL, Csacsi joined Shalke 04 in 2018 where he reached summer finals once again, but Fnatic was again too strong. Also, the team lost the regional finals to G2 esports.

In the 2019 offseason, Vizicsacsi joined Splyce where he finally managed to reach the World Championship. After losing the regional finals three times during his career, he finally fulfilled his dream of playing at Worlds after beating Origen and Shalke 04. Splyce had a great Worlds run, as they managed to reach quarterfinals, but lost to SKT T1 3 to 1.

photo via: Riot Games

Reliable and consistent

Vizicsacsi will be remembered for top lane tanks such as Maokai, Trundle, Sion, etc. However, he would sometimes put on his carry pants and dominate with a pick like Irelia, Gnar and his notorious full attack damage Poppy. 

He was the backbone of his teams as they could always rely on his performance even though he was often left on an island in the top lane. Despite having limited resources and playing on a weak side most of the time, he consistently made the most out of it and led his team. Consistency and reliability made him what he is and a reason why he is very respected in the League community.

As Vizicsacsi retires, it is only right to say “thank you” and wish him the best in the future.
Also, let’s remember some highlights from his amazing career.

What is your favourite moment of Visicsacsi’s career?

Feel free to share your opinion in the comments below.

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