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Warzone: All The New Guns Coming From Black Ops Cold War

Starting with Season One in December 10, a whole load of new guns are coming to Warzone thanks to the integration with Black Ops Cold War. Here’s everything you can expect to drop into Verdansk…

Much like every Call of Duty game, Black Ops Cold War has a brand new weapon roster for players to get stuck into.

Thanks to the Warzone integration between Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War, that means there’s a bunch of new guns coming to the Battle Royale.

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Black Ops Cold War kicks off Season One on December 10. The new Operators are already live in Warzone, with the guns not long behind. Below is a list of every new weapon in Black Ops Cold War that you can expect to see in Warzone soon.

All The New Guns in Warzone

Assault Rifles

Credit: Treyarch
  • XM4;
  • AK-47;
  • Krig 6;
  • QBZ-83;
  • FFAR 1;

Submachine Guns

Credit: Treyarch
  • MP5;
  • Milano 821;
  • AK-74u;
  • KSP 45;
  • Bullfrog;

Tactical Rifles

Credit: Treyarch
  • Type 63;
  • M16;
  • AUG;
  • DMR 14;

Light Machine Guns

Credit: Treyarch
  • Stoner 63;
  • RPD;
  • M60;

Sniper Rifles

Warzone New Guns
Credit: Treyarch
  • Pelington 703;
  • LW3-Tundra;
  • M82;


Warzone New Guns
  • 1911;
  • Magnum;
  • Diamatti;


Warzone New Guns
Credit: Treyarch
  • Hauer 77;
  • Gallo SA12;

Launchers & Specials

Warzone New Guns
Credit: Treyarch
  • Cigma 2;
  • RPG-7;
  • Knife;
  • M79;

For a full breakdown on every gun in Black Ops Cold War, check out our guide below:

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