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Warzone: Best Pistol To Drop Into Verdansk With

Ever wondered what the best pistol in Warzone is? Here’s out ranking to help you decide which one to have in your loadout.

We all know that sage advice from the one and only Captain Price: “Switching to your sidearm is faster than reloading.” It’s a piece of advice I wish I took more seriously, as I often find my instinct is to reload in the middle of a gunfight. However, switching to a sidearm is without a doubt a useful tactic.

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What if you’re not sure which pistol to have, though? Sure, it may be fun to run around as a gunslinger with the .375 Magnum… But is that really the best option? It might not be. Here’s our Warzone pistol ranking to help you decide what you want to equip to your loadout.

Warzone Best Pistol Ranking

6. Handgun Charlie, the .357

I don’t know about you, but I usually try to use a Magnum at every available opportunity when playing games. There’s something about using a six-shooter that’s just fun! Sadly, this isn’t exactly the case in Warzone.

Warzone Best Pistol
Credit: Activision

Although it does offer a pretty-high damage output, the .357 is kind of slow. When you look at it’s other main competitor, the .50 GS, it’s hard to suggest that the .357 is the viable pick. If you’re looking for something that packs a punch at close range, though, using the .357 with the Akimbo option in the Gunsmith isn’t the worst idea. This, combined with the Snake Shot, turns the .357 into a shotgun which devastates at close range. Although, that’s it.

The .357 can also be fashioned into a make-shift marksman rifle, with the right attachments. However, as you might imagine, the damage range is lacking in comparison to other weapons in that category so it is only really a viable rifle substitute at medium range.

5. Handgun Bravo, the 1911

Somewhat of an outdated weapon for the modern era, the 1911 still manages to pack a punch. This is arguably the most adaptable handgun of the lot with fairly moderate statistics that keep it from excelling in any particular area.

Warzone Best Pistol
Credit: Activision

The 1911 offers pretty decent ranged capabilities for a faster-firing semi-automatic pistol, however it’s fire rate isn’t the quickest. This means you’ll need to make every shot count with the 1911 if you’re in a firefight. This also means that it isn’t the most viable pick at closer ranges. With the right barrel attachment, though, this can be changed.

The .45 Compact will offer a slightly increase speed at the cost of stability, or there’s the 1911 Stalker that takes things in the opposite direction: this increases muzzle velocity and range, improving it’s usefulness at a distance.

4. Handgun Alpha, the X16

Ah… Old Reliable. The X16 is the staple of early-game Warzone firefights. It’s the pistol everyone starts with for a reason. It’s got a fairly quick fire-rate and moderate damage, but is often out-gunned by the other weapons in the category. Still, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad choice.

Warzone Best Pistol
Credit: Activision

The X16 is a sidearm that is the perfect halfway point between the M19 and the 1911, hence it’s spot. It’s quicker than the 1911, but not the fastest. However, it’s high mobility makes it a fantastic secondary if you’re in a tight spot.

When equipped with the Vanguard Elite barrel modification, though, it really starts to contend for being a viable pick. This increases damage range, bullet velocity, ADS speed, and movement speed. As it’s the starting weapon in Warzone, chances are you may have levelled this handgun up more than the others unintentionally. If you want to avoid a grind, the X16 could be the right pick.

3. Handgun Delta, the M19

The M19’s speed and stability are it’s strong points. If you need to get around quick and fire want to make sure there’s minimal weapon sway, the M19 seems like it could be the pick for you.

Warzone Best Pistol
Credit: Activision

The M19 manages to balance a high damage range, increased even further with the XRK L Super barrel modification, with a fast fire rate and solid stability to make it a fantastic mid-range pick. Like any weapon, Akimbo is going to improve it’s close quarters capabilities but the faster fire rate of the M19 means it’s still a solid back-up in a tight spot.

The Match Grade Trigger really takes advantage of the M19’s natural strong-points, increasing it’s fire rate and maintaining stability when ADS. Laser sights can counter the fact that it makes hip-firing less accurate and maintain it’s all-round performance.

2. Handgun Echo, the .50 GS

Formerly known as the Desert Eagle, the .50 GS is as much of a beast as any handgun could get. It’s damage output is unrivalled, which makes it the definitive end to any firefight if you land your shots.

CoD Handgun
Credit: Activision

The .50 GS has fantastic damage range, as you might imagine, with the Forge TAC Enforcer barrel modification maxing this out. This higher damage range also affords the pistol a variety of sight attachments. It offers quite a few more options that the other handguns don’t. The only issue with the .50 GS is that it’s pretty slow for a handgun.

It’s mobility doesn’t match up to the M19, the 1911, or the X16, for example. In addition to this, it’s fire rate is pretty slow. If you’re confident in your close-range accuracy, the .50 GS is a fantastic pick. However, it can only be extended to a 13-round mag at most. So, if you find yourself missing a lot of shots, it may not be the best choice.

1. Handgun Foxtrot, the Renetti

It may not be the most stable handgun, and it doesn’t shoot the quickest, but the Renetti is quite-possibly the best handgun you could have with you in a tight spot. The Renetti sits at the top-spot of our Warzone Pistol Ranking!

CoD Handgun
Credit: Activision

Where the Renetti really excels is with the Mk3 Burst Mod barrel modification. This turns it’s semi-automatic firing mode into a triple-burst. When coupled with the right stability-improving attachments, this makes the Renetti a decent sidearm at both close and medium ranges.

Akimbo with the Mk3 Burst Mod is truly deadly, meaning you can shred through your opponents if you’re close enough.

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If you prefer your semi-automatic pistols, though, the Renetti’s versatility means that it performs well in that category too. The Mk1 Extended barrel modification also increases its’ range, recoil control, and mobility. The 27-round magazine improvements mean that it has just-enough in it to finish a firefight before you need to reload, even when using the burst-fire modifications.

What do you reckon, though? Is the Renetti the top of your Warzone Pistol Ranking? Which handgun are you taking with you into Verdansk?

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