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Warzone Black Ops Cold War Content is Coming Post-Launch

With a new title on the horizon, you may be a little concerned about Warzone’s lifespan. Activision has confirmed that Warzone Black Ops Cold War content is in the works, though, so don’t worry!

Alongside the multiplayer reveal, we also now have confirmation that Warzone is still going to carry on! Yay?

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The confirmation of this marks an important step forward in the relationship between Treyarch, the team behind Black Ops, and Raven Software, the team behind Warzone. They will also have some support from smaller development teams in their efforts. The cluster of teams aim to “preserve continuity within Warzone while also incorporating elements of Black Ops.” It’s a huge collaborative task, but one you feel they are up for!

Warzone Black Ops Cold War Content to Feature Weapons, and Cosmetics Basically…

In a blog post, Activision confirmed that Warzone will essentially be running alongside Black Ops Cold War in a similar way to how it’s running alongside Modern Warfare at the moment. There will be Black Ops weaponry added to Warzone as and when it is added to Black Ops Cold War. Players will also be able to retain any earned content they already have when Black Ops Cold War comes out in November… It’s all fairly basic stuff.

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They also have confirmed that the new Call of Duty will have seasonal Battle Passes and live seasons, much like Warzone and Modern Warfare have now. It’ll be interesting to see, though, whether any Modern Warfare guns will make their way across to Black Ops Cold War. Other than the Kar 98K, AK-47, and RPG, that is…

Warzone Black Ops Cold War
Sadly, I don’t think we’ll see the Bruen… / Credit: Activision

Both games are going to feature cross-play options. On top of this, there will also be cross-progression, presumably linked to an Activision account. Thankfully, this also means that both titles will be cross-generation games, meaning you’ll be able to keep your level consistent no matter where you play!