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Warzone Black-Screen Glitch Is Sending Players To The Shadow Realm

Call of Duty’s Battle Royale is, sadly, still full of glitches. This Warzone Black-Screen Glitch is one which seemingly comes out of nowhere!

In this, the latest edition of Warzone Glitch Weekly… Or, more-accurately, Warzone Glitch Daily… The point I’m making is that it seems like there’s a lot of glitches.

Anyway, earlier today, Redditor u/Grimko shared a hilarious gameplay clip which shows them being met with this black-screen glitch. In the clip below, you’ll see what we mean. In it, they’re simply scoping-in on an exterior wall around Stadium when… Shadows. It’s hard to explain what’s happened, but they seem to be enveloped by darkness. They’ve insightfully asked for a cheat to escape the Shadow Realm, but to little luck in the comments.

There’s no word as to whether this is a temporary vacation into darkness, or whether it continues for the remainder of the game. However, either way, it’s not ideal when in the midst of a fire-fight.

Warzone Black-Screen Glitch Just One Of Many

This isn’t the only glitch that’s being found in Warzone lately. There’s been gun appearance glitches, unlimited tactical, and more wall glitches than I’m sure Activision would care to count. Below, you can check out the latest wall glitch to plague Verdansk.

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It is worth noting that the “Unlimited Tactical” glitch has been fixed by Activision, apparently. So, it seems like developers are on the case with the others too! Still, how long it takes is anyone’s guess.

Have you found any glitches yet? Are you exploiting them while you can, or was it accidental?

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