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Warzone Gulag Drop Glitch: It’s Where You Belong, Comrade

Sometimes the game just isn’t on your side… This Warzone Gulag Drop Glitch throws a player straight into the Gulag before they’ve even hit the ground!

I guess I’m writing about Warzone glitches all day today! In this edition, Redditor u/6StringAddict has shared their unfortunate experience with the world to some amusement. It’s not quite the Black-Screen, but it isn’t any better…

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In the clip below, you’ll be able to see what happens. Although, not a lot actually happens. One minute, they’re looking at the map for a contract to ping while falling towards Downtown. The next? They’re fresh in the Gulag with an opponent waiting.

Thankfully, they won their Gulag and will presumably deploy again into Verdansk. However, this was their only Gulag. So, for all intents and purposes they died in that glitch at the start of the game.

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The redditor has confirmed it was Solos, so a buy-back wasn’t an option. Although, they “at least got a normal game out of it” after winning. You have to wonder… Was the other person in the Gulag another person who suffered from the glitch? Or did they just have a bad time dropping early?

Have you experienced this Warzone Gulag Drop Glitch?

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