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Warzone: Holger-26 – How To Unlock

In Warzone, the Holger-26 is one of the Light Machine Guns you can unlock and take with you to Verdansk. Below we’ll explain how you can unlock it!

Assault Rifles not cutting it in team fights? You might need the Holger-26; Warzone will be raining bullets, for sure! Here’s how to unlock the Holger LMG in Warzone.

The Holger-26 is Warzone’s answer to a truly light machine gun. It offers the firepower of the heavier MG34 and M91 with the mobility of the SA87.

Let’s be real, the SA87 is just a glorified Assault Rifle. It’s not got a massive magazine and has a fire rate equitable to the Oden. Thankfully, the Holger hits quickly and hits hard. Here’s the rundown:

“A versatile fully automatic 5.56mm light machine gun. Modular design can be configured for a broad range of engagements.”

In Warzone, unlocking the Holger-26 Requires Longshot Kills

In order to unlock the Holger-26, you’ll need to get 2 Longshot Kills with a Light Machine Gun in 25 different matches. This doesn’t sound too difficult, but sometimes spawn rotations can mean that mounting your weapon for a long period of time is an ineffective strategy.

I would advise trying to get a Light Machine Gun as mobile as possible with attachments and using them more as an Assault Rifle. So get rid of that stock and change up the grip.

Alternatively, if you equip a bipod, you can mount the weapon on the ground while prone. Either way, objective-based game modes like Hardpoint and Domination would be a great place to grind out this challenge.

Warzone Holger-26
Anime Booty on your Holger? Sure, why not. / Credit: Activision

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