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Warzone Marksman Rifle Ranking: Which Long-Range Option Is The Best?

Sometimes, you need to take a step back and fight from a distance, right? Here’s our Warzone Marksman Rifle Ranking to help you decide on what you want to take to Verdansk. If you’re having trouble picking the right weapon for the job, anyway.

The Marksman Rifle marks the perfect amalgamation of high damage output with the adaptability a Sniper Rifle lacks. Some of them, like the Kar98k and the SP-R 208, are a little better at longer ranges. Meanwhile others, like the EBR-14 and the SKS, are adaptable enough to be effective at closer ranges too!

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But, the question still remains… Which Marksman Rifle is best? Hopefully, this Warzone Marksman Rifle Ranking we’ve put together will help you decide on which Marksman Rifle is the best choice to take with you into Verdansk, and beyond.

6. Marksman Rifle Delta, the Crossbow

For novelty’s sake, I feel as if I should put the Crossbow higher on this list. It is arguably the most satisfying weapon to get a kill with in the game. Well, either that or a Throwing Knife. It does offer some unique differences that the other Marksman Rifles don’t, but unfortunately this doesn’t save it from the bottom of the pile.

Credit: Activision

Where the Crossbow excels is in it’s variety. With Crossbow bolts ignoring the effects of a Trophy System, it makes it a fantastic weapon for attacking defended points. However, in Warzone, Trophy Systems are often found sat atop a Tac-Rover. I’m not saying it’s impossible to hit a vehicle with a Crossbow, but there are far-better options if you’re building an anti-vehicle class.

If you can manage the Crossbow’s abhorrent projectile drop, the variety of Crossbow Bolt modifications make it a fun weapon to use! The FTAC Venom 20″Bolts explode in poisonous gas which can be good at clearing choke-points. Meanwhile, the FTAC Fury 20″ Bolts are explosive. There’s also the thermite-like FTAC Backburn 20″ Bolts. They are all fun to use and offer some functionality, but the Crossbow is ultimately the worst of the bunch if you’re looking for a permanent pick.

5. Marksman Rifle Bravo, the MK2 Carbine

As a lever-action rifle, the MK2 Carbine has a slower fire rate than some of the other Marksman Rifles. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t as lethal as them. A well-placed shot to the head or upper chest is enough to deal with most opponents.

Credit: Activision

With a lower Damage Range than it’s peers, the MK2 Carbine is best-suited to mid-range combat with a lower magnification optic. Even then, though, it’s limited magazine size means that it’s not the best choice of Marksman Rifle to deal with multiple opponents at a time. With lower-magnification optics comes faster ADS times, however, so the MK2 Carbine can be a viable pick if coupled with another weapon with Overkill.

4. Marksman Rifle Alpha, the EBR-14

With a similar Iron Sights, the EBR-14 is somewhat the spiritual successor to the M1 Garand. It offers a solid damage output with a fairly good fire rate, as it is a semi-automatic rifle. It’s also one of the more mobile picks, making it a good weapon for mid-range running and gunning.

Credit: Activision

The EBR-14 is the first Marksman Rifle you unlock in Warzone for a reason. It’s arguably the most well-balanced of the category, but doesn’t quite excel in any category. It offers a good damage output with enough range to make it effective-enough at mid-to-far distances, with enough mobility to allow for quickly swapping targets and navigating a firefight. There is also the option to add an extended magazine of 20 rounds to make any misses more forgiving.

3. Marksman Rifle Charlie, the Kar98k

Ah… The Kar98k. Sometimes it’s a Sniper Rifle, sometimes it isn’t. Either way, it always seems a solid bet for mid-to-long range combat. Its’ bolt-action loading system means that it may not be the best at engaging multiple targets, however it has the damage range that makes it a fantastic substitute for any other Sniper Rifle.

Warzone Marksman Rifle Ranking
Credit: Activision

Much like the MK2 Carbine, the Kar98k doesn’t have any options to expand it’s magazine capacity and the reload time isn’t the quickest. This means that it doesn’t work as well as the other weapons in it’s category as a close-range option. However, it’s reliability at longer ranges make it a great pick. It has more mobility than a Sniper Rifle, often with a faster ADS time, making it a viable pick for long-range class builds.

2. Marksman Rifle Foxtrot, the SP-R 208

Where the Kar98k might be lacking, the SP-R 208 makes up for it. It’s still a bolt-action rifle with a bit of time between each shot, however it offers more adaptability with its’ attachments. Unlike other weapons in this category, it also comes with a barrel modification with a built-in sound suppressor. It may slow down ADS speeds, but the extra attachment slot means that you can counter-act this.

Warzone Marksman Rifle Ranking
Credit: Activision

The thing that makes the SP-R 208 stand-out as one of the better choices of Marksman Rifle is it’s adaptability and magazine options. Aside from having a slightly extended magazine of standard ammunition, it also offers two other ammunition types to better-suit your playstyle. The .300 Norma Mag 5-R Mags offer a great increase to damage range and bullet velocity at the cost of ADS speed. Meanwhile, the .338 Lapu Mag 5-R Mags increase damage to the point where the SP-R 208 can go toe-to-toe against any Sniper Rifle. The faster reload times and improved damage range are what make it the better bolt-action option in the Marksman Rifle category.

1. Marksman Rifle Echo, the SKS

Sporting a sizeable magazine and fire rate, the SKS is the most adaptive Marksman Rifle and a great choice for both longer and shorter range combat situations. It may suffer from more natural sway than other weapons in its’ category, but it’s versatility makes up for this. That’s why it sits at the top of our Warzone Marksman Rifle Ranking list.

Warzone Marksman Rifle Ranking
Credit: Activision

The SKS is the ultimate Marksman Rifle. It can be adapted for both short and long-range combat with the help of barrel modifications and stock changes. It also has the fastest fire rate in the category and large enough magazines that you can keep firing until you hit what you’re aiming for! It’s best used with a medium-range optics, between 3.0x and 4.0x zoom, to allow for long-range combat without the scope glint.

As you’d expect, it’s ADS speed is slower than something like an Assault Rifle or a Submachine Gun, so it might not be the best first choice for a close-range weapon. However, it’s quicker fire rate mean that it is the best Marksman Rifle to pick if you’re not taking a second Primary Weapon with you.

Which Marksman Rifle do you prefer to take with you to Verdansk? Are bolt-action rifles really better than semi-automatic ones?

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