Warzone Mobile: It Could Be On The Way!

Have you ever been curious about the possibility of Warzone Mobile? It is 2020, after all. If you want to take Verdansk on the go, you might be in luck! An Activision job listing hints that Warzone Mobile is on the way.

The age of mobile devices is upon us. Both Fortnite and PUBG have proven to succeed on mobile devices, so it appears that Activision might be wanting to get in on that market. On top of this, with xCloud’s launch, it seems like more and more people are playing video games on their mobile devices. Enter Warzone.

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For a while now, rumors have been circling that the Call of Duty battle royale is coming to mobile devices. Call of Duty Mobile does have its own battle royale mode, but it’s not quite as ambitious as Warzone. Call of Duty Mobile operates as a fully separate game, however, and doesn’t feature cross-progress with the latest installment of the franchise on the console. After the confirmation that Warzone would continue to be cross-generation, and feature cross-progression, could now be the perfect time to introduce Warzone Mobile to the world?

Warzone Mobile
CoD Mobile has a busy UI, to be fair… Credit: Bloomberg

In a job listing on Activision Careers, the game was teased through the information for an Executive Features Producer position.

Warzone Mobile Job Listing Information

Below is an excerpt from the job listing on Activision Careers:

‘ As Executive Producer, Features you will own product framing and player experience of a new AAA mobile FPS in the Call of Duty franchise. Developing in collaboration with multiple Activision studio locations around the world, this leader is a skilled communicator and development leader who can define and harvest the important elements that define a best-in-class mobile shooter game…

Although this isn’t explicit in it’s mention of Warzone Mobile, there is the use of WZM in the description of the job title.

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As of writing, the job listing in question has reportedly been filled. It’s unsure as to whether this is genuine or whether it has been taken down due to the fact that it hints at Warzone Mobile.