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Warzone: NYSL WarzoneMania Draft Order Set, Starts Dec 1

The NYSL WarzoneMania Draft Order has been set and a date has been outlined! Earlier this month, NYSL announced WarzoneMania. This is going to be a game-changer for both Warzone tournaments and esports as a whole.

The NYSL WarzoneMania is a tournament worth getting excited about. If things play-out as intended, it could-well revolutionise the way esports tournaments are structured and hosted.

NYSL’s Warzone tournament aims to raise fan-involvement to the next level. Throughout the tournament, there will be 20 teams competing. Each with a captain, as you’d expect. NYSL will select the first 12 captains, however it’s up to fans to vote on the remaining 8.

Fans will be able to select from a specially-chosen group of top players and content creators from the Call of Duty community, so expect a few fan favourites to be in there!

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Then, there will be a live draft hosted on Twitch by Chris Puckett. In this, these 20 captains will all select their teams. Below is all the information you need to know about that, as it’s recently just been confirmed when this draft is taking place:

Throughout the tournament, there will be $25K’s worth of prizes given away to viewers on top of the $100K prize pool for those duking it out in Verdansk.

NYSL WarzoneMania Draft Order Confirmed

Below is the fully-confirmed draft order for NYSL WarzoneMania.

First – FaZeSwagg;

Second – Symfuhny;

Third – Attach;

Fourth – Huskerrs;

Fifth – Mutex;

Sixth – Teepee;

Seventh – Aydan;

Eighth – Pamaj;

Ninth – Tommey;

Tenth – Nufo;

Eleventh – Zoomaa;

Twelvth – Clayster;

Thirteenth – Vikkstar;

Fourteenth – Crimsix;

Fifteenth – MissesMae;

Sixteenth – Iceman Isaac;

Seventeenth – BobbyPoff;

Eighteenth – Scump

Ninteenth – Tfue;

Twentieth – ?

NYSL WarzoneMania Draft
NYSL are the CDL’s New York Franchise; Clayster and ZooMaa both feature in their roster. / Credit: NYSL

NYSL WarzoneMania will be held between December 10 and 12, with the Draft taking place December 1. You’ll be able to watch it all on the Subliners’ Twitch channel:

Could this event be the start of an upwards trend regarding fan-participation in esports events? Perhaps on a shorter-term basis, we really hope so! Be sure to keep an eye out for the draft in the next week. It’s going to be an exciting one.

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