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Warzone Operator Wyatt – How To Unlock This Top Bloke?

Weapons aren’t the only unlockables in Warzone, Operator Wyatt is another unlockable you might be struggling with! Here’s how to unlock Wyatt, Verdansk’s resident Aussie!

Getting bored of Mil-Sim skins? You and me both. Luckily, if you’re looking for a little more SAS in your Warzone life, Modern Warfare has the answer. In Multiplayer, you can choose a favourite faction and increase your odds of playing as either the Coalition or the Allegiance. However, in Warzone, you have a little more free reign with who you’re playing as. That makes picking the right operator all the more important. If you’re not a fan of Yegor, for example, you don’t want to listen to him the whole time!

Here’s Wyatt’s biography, to get you acquainted: 

Born in rural Tasmania, grew up on long-distance 4×4 expeditions into the bush. Described as “fearless” by friends and family, enlisted with the Australian Army “for the challenge.” Proficient in navigating chaotic hot zones.

Jackson Henry Wyatt  in-game biography

Crikey! Warzone Operator Wyatt Is A Bit Of A Bleeder!

Thankfully, if you want to unlock this wise-cracking Operator you’re in some modicum of luck. It isn’t pay-wall blocked, but you will need Modern Warfare in order to do it. To unlock Wyatt, you’ll need to complete the Wolf’s Den Campaign Mission. This mission has you delving deeper into the tunnels of Al Qatala than ever before. It’s brutal, but a great mission.

As with every Operator, there is an alternative way to unlock them. All you have to do is acquire a skin for that Operator, whether that be from a Battle Pass Tier or from a cosmetic pack in the Store. 

Warzone Operator Wyatt
PlayStation Plus Users can grab the exclusive Wyatt-themed Combat Pack 3 for free at the moment! Credit: Activision

For more tips & tricks, check this article out alongside our Guides Section for all the information on Warzone weapon unlocks!

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