Call of Duty

Warzone Roof Glitch Is One Of The Worst Ones Yet!

We all know Call of Duty’s Battle Royale has a glitch or two… But this Warzone roof glitch might just be the worst one to be discovered yet!

Some of you may have encountered the Stadium Pillar Glitch before… Where players could get into one of the pillars on the Executive Level of the Stadium and wreak havoc from behind an impenetrable wall… This is like that, only a little bit worse.

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This is that, but possibly available to every building in Verdansk…

Warzone Roof Glitch Could Be Replicable

In the clip below, you’ll see what it’s all about. The player in the clip, Redditor u/marween2016, essentially fell into a wall. They were roof-hopping in Promenade East, something I’m sure we’ve all done, but they fell short. Most of the time, players would just bounce off the wall and fall to the ground. However, Warzone had other ideas.

Once they’d found themselves inside the building, they could navigate the building fairly easily. Unfortunately, there’s no news on whether they made it out. But, if you can make it out, this could be a game-breaking glitch if it’s replicable across the map. This building layout and design is one of the common features in Verdansk.

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