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Warzone Season 4 – Tips For The Latest Meta

Warzone Season 4 is right around the corner! Last week, it was postponed in a sign of support for the Black Lives Matter movement. Leaks suggest that it may be coming this week. Here are a few things that you might want to keep in mind if you’ve taken a break from Warzone. The meta has changed slightly since you’ve been gone…

In Warzone Season 4, The Right Loadout Is Everything

Loadout Drops in Warzone are a big deal and are arguably the key to success, no matter your circumstances. Even if you have a good selection of weapons and equipment, a Loadout Drop also gives you your perks. This is what really makes them great.

As you may already know, thermal optics are popular in Warzone. That is why having Ghost is pretty important. However, this is purely situational. That’s why I would advise you to have a couple of custom classes ready to go. 

If you’re looking at a circle that is out to the edges of Verdansk, Ghost is what you want. Amongst the trees, anyone with a thermal scope will be able to see you from a good distance. Ghost stops you from coming up on thermal optics AND on UAVs. It’s the best to keep you covered out in the open spaces on the edge of the map.

If there’s a circle that’ll be more central, then Overkill might be the right perk 2 to go for! This will allow you to have two primary weapons, allowing a loadout equipped for close quarters combat as well as longer range engagement. 

Whichever you decide to pick, there’s one gun which you should heavily consider for both custom classes. 

The Grau is disgustingly good at the moment. 

Warzone Season 4
This is the cause of all your problems: the Grau.

With the right attachment set up, it can have incredible accuracy and range, making it lethal at any distance. Its lack of recoil and mid-range rate of fire make it easy to track moving targets, too! I don’t think you need any kind of sight on the Grau, either, in order to use the attachments to their fullest potential. As long as you’re staying alert, you should be able to pepper opponents from a solid distance.

To compliment this, you can go one of two ways dependent on your class. If you have Ghost on, I would highly recommend an RPG. The “nerfs” made to it make its splash damage radius slightly smaller but have increased the damage done when it hits. This makes it truly infuriatingly good at squad wipes. If a squad is below you in a building, a couple of well-placed RPG shots will have you doing a shit-ton of damage. 

If you’re rocking Overkill and you don’t fancy the RPG, then there are a few options. For longer-range combat, the HDR is a safe bet. It has a bit more base range than the AX-50, meaning it will still pack a punch at distances the AX-50 might not. You can also shove a thermal on this to help you spot at a distance! If you’re looking at a closer circle, I would suggest a submachine gun like the MP5, P90, or MP7. These all have a high rate of fire with moderate recoil that make them effective at close-to-mid range. Not only this, but if you find yourself out of AR ammo, they use smaller rounds and can be an effective backup. 

Getting Your Loadout Should Be Priority #1 in Warzone Season 4

Having a custom class ready to go is good, but you actually need the Loadout Drop to utilize it. That’s why calling in a Loadout Drop should be your #1 priority. They cost $10,000, but if you’re quick enough, you can pool together with your squad to call one in.

The benefits are that you’ll have an advantage over anyone without one at the early stages of the game, meaning thermals and heartbeat sensors are all-the-more effective. Also, you can pick where to drop it. The random Loadout Drop spawns are often in open spaces and make you a target for anyone overlooking it. Choosing your own location means you can keep yourself and your squad safe while you load up.

It is important to note, the Loadout Drop random spawns ten seconds before the end of the first circle closure. So, if you’re close to that… It might be worth saving your money and buying some UAVs.

What Contracts Are Worth Going For?

Scavenger Contracts are by-far the best contract to go for in the early game. They give you a good amount of money for completing the contract on top of guiding you to three boxes. These all have a chance at containing more money and weaponry. This means you’ll be better equipped earlier on and get a lot of money fast.

Warzone Season 4
This is what a Scavenger Crate looks like!

Recently, Bounties have become largely useless in the early game. The proximity meter means that enemy squads will know when you’re nearby, and they offer less than half the money a Scavenger or Recon contract does for completion. In the latter stages of the game, they can be useful, as their completion reward is much higher. These cash injections can prove vital in late-game revives or killstreak purchasing. 

Recons are also a bit pointless in the early game. They do drop some money and equipment upon completion, but they also launch a flare to alert everyone to your location. If you’re not well-equipped, you might find yourself in trouble if someone tries to attack you. The first three circle closures are also always pretty central. This means you’ll have to get four or five before you really pin-point the final circle. They’re more effective in the latter stages of the game but ultimately harder to get. It’s a tough call to make if you want to chance the Recon Contract route. 

One Final Piece Of Advice? 


With the popularity of RPGs and launchers alongside the increased damage they do, one direct hit is enough to disable a vehicle. With enough damage already done, this can mean that you’ll get wiped out instantly. Thankfully, a trophy system can be used to combat this. 

Warzone Season 4
Here’s what they look like!

They’re pretty common drops in Warzone and could prove to be the thing that wins you a match! You can shove them on top of vehicles and in the back of trucks pretty easily, too. This means that any incoming projectiles, including RPG shots, will be destroyed. They don’t last forever and can be vulnerable to a stray bullet, but the benefits outweigh the disadvantages heavily. 

If you’re running for the circle rather than driving, swap this out for Dead Silence. This increases your base movement speed and might just give you the edge to survive.

Warzone Season 4 was initially delayed, but new reports suggest that it may be coming June 10. Captain Price, Kyle Garrick, the Vector, and the Galil will all be introduced as a part of this update. 

Alex (Left) was added to Warzone during Season 3… Will Farah be next?

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