Warzone Season 6 Release Date Seemingly Confirmed

With Season 5 due to end soon, players are wondering when Warzone Season 6 will kick off. It seems Minnesota Rokkr may have that answer…

The COVID-19 Pandemic is causing a lot of disruption in the gaming world for understandable reasons. Games are being delayed, and players are finding themselves burning through titles at incredible speeds with all the spare time they have.

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You may remember that the Warzone Season 5 launch was actually delayed a little, albeit for unconfirmed reasons, and there has been little information regarding season 6. So… What’s going on?

Warzone Season 6 Starts September 29th

In a tweet regarding Rokkr Royale, Minnesota Rokkr tweeted out about their upcoming Warzone tournament that will celebrate the launch of Season 6. When is that coming though? Apparently, September 29th!

As a franchise that operates within the Call of Duty League, it seems that they wouldn’t just be ‘allowed’ to tweet out the launch date if it was incorrect. The tweet still stands now, a week later, so it’s safe to assume that this is the launch date as it stands. Things can obviously change, but there hasn’t been any news yet.

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While nothing has been confirmed, several weapons have been leaked to be coming with Warzone Season 6. The bolt-action sniper, the R700, and the automatic shotgun, AA-12, are both weapons that have appeared in the Call of Duty series before and are rumoured to be returning in the upcoming season.

Warzone Season 6
The AA-12 was a beast on Modern Warfare 2

There are also talks of a nuclear bomb explosion and an open subway system coming to Verdansk, but nothing has been confirmed yet!

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