Warzone Season Six Revealed, Starts September 29

At last, we can finally say that the Modern Warfare and Warzone Season Six has been revealed by Activision with a teaser trailer. It’s time to take to the tunnels and fight underground with a couple familiar faces…

Recently, you may have seen that we reported on a rumoured start date for Warzone Season Six. It was an all-but-confirmed reveal, as the information was revealed by a CoD League organisation.

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However, this rumour has now been confirmed by Activision in the tweet below:

In the trailer, we join Farah and Nikolai as they appear to be working to start the power on the subway system in Verdansk. This appears to confirm that both will be playable operators in the upcoming season, but there is no information as to whether they will both be available with the battle pass or not.

Warzone Season Six Revealed To Open Up The Subway

The whole cinematic trailer takes place in the subway network that runs beneath Verdansk and offers fans an exciting sneak peek at what to expect from the locations in the upcoming update.

Warzone Season Six
Farah, from the Modern Warfare campaign. / Credit: Activision

At the end of the trailer, you can also see a map that appears to outline where each entrance to the subway system is located. They appear in a ring of sorts around the edge of the map, appearing to offer a less-direct route to travel across Verdansk. It’s uncertain as to how it will work exactly, but I can imagine it’ll be easy to get caught up in the gas while underground!

What is also interesting is that Captain Price talks to Griggs right at the end! Could we be seeing him added as an Operator too?

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