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Warzone Subway Map: Where Are The Stops?

Following the announcement of season six, fans also got a fresh look at a Warzone subway map to help them get a little more familiar with the new updates to the map coming in a few days.

Season Six is almost upon us. From the reveal, we managed to learn that we’ll be getting Farah and Nikolai as two new operators alongside a brand-new subway system.

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This subway system adds to the loot train that Activision added to Verdansk in the last season. It operates by its own rules and on its own tracks. You can check out the official Warzone Subway Map below:

Warzone Subway Map
Credit: Activision

Warzone Subway Map Features 7 Subway Stations

As you can see from the above, there are seven stops scattered throughout Verdansk that you can hop onto an underground line from. There’s one at Stadium, the Airport, Train Station and Downtown, as well as a few scattered in lesser-popular drop spots.

There are a few things worth noting about the Subway, though… If you hop on and the gas is coming, the train’s going to continue along the line until it reaches a subway station that’s safe for you to exit from. Not only this, but the Subway Train won’t move if there’s any fighting on the train or in between you and your destination. This can provide important moments to recover from a firefight, strategically.

Each Subway Station also has the same layout, so learning these will be vital for victory. You can read up on the rest of the Call of Duty Blog’s Warzone Mastery on the Subway System below:

Warzone Mastery: Verdansk Subway System

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