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Warzone Zombies Mode Details Leaked, Mode Coming October 20

As October 20 approaches, so does the Haunting of Verdansk … The Warzone Zombies mode that’s coming to Activision’s Battle Royale. Now, details of the mode have been leaked online. Here’s what we know.

Zombies. Warzone. Warzone. Zombies. It’s a possible match made in heaven, or a shit-show of crossfire and death. Either way, it seems the perfect way for Activision to celebrate the Month of Spook. Alongside a series of purchasable, Halloween-themed cosmetic items… A new Warzone Zombies mode is coming for a limited time.

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In the tweet below, you can see the leaked information and it seems to confirm what we’ve all been expecting: Zombie Royale.

In the mode, it seems that an Infected-like mode is coming to Verdansk. Much like Warzone currently, survival is the essence of the game. However, you’ll be up against Zombie Players rather than regular players. The last few alive will don Juggernaut Suits until only one remains. It seems like it’ll be fun, but there’s no word on whether this is a Solo-only playlist or not.

Warzone Zombies
The boys… Where are they droppin’? / Credit: Treyarch

Other leaks suggest that there will actually be an extraction point for players to reach, which will confirm their win against the Zombie Players who have fallen during the game. Not only this, but there are suggestions that in squad-based Zombie Royale games, you’ll be able to still help your teammates by focusing on opponents instead!

Most leaks suggest that the Anti-Viral pick-up is true, with some siting discovered audio files. Either way… It all seems like it’ll be a fun twist on the traditional Warzone Battle Royale format.

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