Watch Dogs: Legion Multiplayer out on Consoles Today, Delayed on PC

watch dogs legion multiplayer

Watch Dogs: Legion’s multiplayer update was released on Tuesday morning on all consoles and Stadia for free for all players. However, the mode is delayed on PC indefinitely due to game crashing bugs.

Credit: Ubisoft

Watch Dogs: Legion’s multiplayer mode has a variety of game types to play either solo, with friends, or strangers. The most basic of these modes is standard free roam/open-world co-op.

In it, players can recruit NPCs into the hacktivist group Deadsec, just like in the single-player mode, however, the process is more streamlined. Instead of completing a mission to bring someone onto the team, players spend influence points to immediately acquire them. Players can get influence points by completing open-world missions, daily and weekly challenges, and random city events.

There are also slightly more in-depth co-op missions for players to complete in a team of 1-3 other people. These missions utilize cooperative play more, as they have to work together to complete missions in the world to help increase their Deadsec prowess.

Credit: Ubisoft

The last new mode is called Spiderbot Arena, Watch Dogs: Legion’s only PvP offering. In it, four players take control of weapon-mounted spider bots and fight each other in a free-for-all deathmatch.

Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer is supposed to have a fourth mode, called Tactical Ops, that is one longer, more involved co-op mission, called “Leader of the Pack.” In it, teams of 3-4 players have to complete an increasingly difficult set of challenges. This is more akin to raids in Destiny 2 or The Division 2.

However, that mission was delayed until March 23rd, due to bugs. Additionally, PlayStation 4/5 in-game text chat will have limited functionality. A fix for that is also coming on March 23rd.

The situation on PC is a different situation altogether. As a result of game crashing bugs affecting certain GPU’s, Ubisoft decided to delay the mode on PC indefinitely, until they have been fixed.

The multiplayer mode will get more content over time in the form of new missions and challenges through free updates periodically.

With Watch Dogs Legion’s multiplayer mode out today on consoles, hopefully, the delay on PC won’t deter those players from jumping back into the authoritative streets of future London.

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