Watch Dogs Legion: Where to Find Hitman

Navigating around dystopian London can be hard, but with a hitman things can run smoother. Here is Watch Dogs Legion: Where to Find Hitman.

In Watch Dogs: Legion, you can recruit various types of characters to your team throughout the game in order to strengthen up. The Hitman is one of the strongest possible characters to join your team. There are a few methods to getting a Hitman on your squad. One of these methods involves clearing out a part of the map, Nine Elms, and the other method is finding a Hitman in the streets of Nine Elms off chance.

The first method, and one that might take some time, is liberating the Nine Elms area by clearing every mission of the area. Once you clear this area and finish the missions, a brand new mission will pop up. When the final mission is done, there will be another one that pops up which you have to complete before being able to recruit the Hitman to your team. This hitman will have four abilities and be very strong for your team.

Head to the southwest of the Nine Elms district after you complete all the missions.

Clear out this area, and go to where the square indicates to get your final mission. Credit: Ubisoft

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The second method is quite random and not as clear-cut. In City of Westminster, you can run into a hitman in seemingly random situations and areas. A Reddit post detailed how you can find one hanging out in the alley right near where you load on brewer street that might have a hitman in it at night, between 00:00 and 02:00. This isn’t the foolproof solution, as they might not spawn there every night.

Yet once you are able to get the Hitman on your team, you will be able to clear through a lot more on your way through London.

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