Watch Dogs Legion: Where to Find Stormzy

Watch Dogs Legion: Stormzy

Rapper Stormzy makes a cameo in the streets of London in Watch Dogs: Legion. Read this guide below to figure out Watch Dogs Legion: Where to Find Stormzy.

In Watch Dogs: Legion, you fight your way through and liberate the dystopic version of London. This means you might be able to see some different characters and landmarks that remind you of the city. One of the fun additions to Watch Dogs: Legion is famous rapper and singer-songwriter Stormzy, who makes his own cameo in Watch Dogs: Legion.

And his cameo is more than just a few seconds, it’s a whole mission you can hop on. So the first thing to do is talk to Nowt outside your hideout. She will be under the stairs to the right of the main entrance. She’ll send you on various missions, but one of them is the endeavor you take on with Stormzy.


After you complete the taxi mission which comes after Nowt’s first few missions, you’ll be given the chance to work with Stormzy, who wants you to listen to his new song “Rainfall”. This mission involves you following Stormzy around London, but he’ll have you go to London Lens in Lambeth to finish a network bypass puzzle. It’s one of the easier puzzles of its type you’ll encounter.

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Then, you’ll hear a speech from the artist about liberating the city, before you have to fight against enemies with drones. After making your way through that, you will be finished with Stormzy’s mission. His cameo is a pretty clever one for a celebrity, as he lets you listen to his song as you complete the mission, free marketing!

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