Watch Dogs Legion: Where to Find The Beekeeper

Beekeeper Watch Dogs Legion

In this guide: Watch Dogs Legion: Where to Find The Beekeeper, you’ll figure out where and how to acquire the Beekeeper operative.

There are a good deal of strong operatives for players to recruit in the streets of dystopic London in Watch Dogs: Legion. One of these is the Beekeeper, this is one of the strongest operatives that can join your team. Because Legion is different from past Watch Dogs, you don’t compete as one person with one clear goal, you take over NPCs and turn them into heroes. The Beekeeper is one of these operatives that can help you, along with hitmen, spies, and more.

This is one of the less-rare operatives to find. There are a few different locations in which you can find Beekeepers. The first being a foolproof one that has a set amount of missions you have to complete, with the other two being more random, but less stressful if you can spot them right away.


The first way to find a Beekeeper is to finish the City of London borough missions. This is like finding the hitman, but you clear out City of London instead of Nine Elms. Completing all of the missions in the City of London will grant you the Beekeeper operative.

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The second way is to spot a Beekeeper by a hive in one of London’s many parks. This is the rarer, more random way to find the Beekeeper, but it should work nonetheless if you find one. There, you can save the recruit to your team.

Hardy Church in Camden is the other location where players spot Beekeepers. There should be some beehives around or in Hardy Church that has a Beekeeper nearby during the daylight hours. This, along with the parks method is quite random, but clearing out the City of London borough is the clearest-cut way to do it.

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