Wave Break Launches on Steam and Switch this Spring

Ever felt like Wave Race 64 or Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater needs just a little more Hotline Miami? Probably not, but Wave Break might be the game that you didn’t know you wanted.

After debuting on the Google Stadia last year, developer Funktronic Labs has announced that Wave Break will be surfing its way to Nintendo Switch and Steam later this Spring. A new trailer that was shown on the Game Dev Direct yesterday featured launch details and new additions to the game.

Dubbed “the world’s first skateBOATING game” by the developers, Wave Break features cute animals shooting and surfing it out in an ’80s Miami Vice inspired the world. It also has an ’80s synth-wave soundtrack that keeps the trick competitions and deathmatches feeling classically cool.

Wave Break will have multiple game modes, playable on both local split-screen or online, including Trick Attack, Deathmatch, and Turf War. For single-player content, there will be a campaign with an “episodic storyline” where players can unlock new characters and cosmetics to use in the multiplayer modes.

wave break
Credit: Funktronic Labs

Also coming exclusively to the Steam version of the game is a multiplayer stage creator, where up to 9 players can create a park and skate on it at the same time.

Wave Break will have Steam Workshop support, so Steam players can also download and skate other players’ tracks, or download custom 3D models to use in their own courses.

Wave Break does not have an official release date, but the release window is late Spring 2021. The closed beta started yesterday and will be continuing until the 21st of March.

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