Wave Esports Unveil Logitech as First Partner

Wave Esports, an Austrian Esports Organisation, have announced a partnership with Logitech. Here’s all we know about the partnership and what it means…

It’s a big day for Wave Esports. Currently fielding competitive teams for VALORANT, Brawl Stars, and Fortnite, Wave Esports have announced their first major sponsor. Logitech, those guys who make the mice and keyboards, are going to be helping Wave Esports throughout 2021 and beyond!

According to Esports Insider, Logitech are going to be helping Wave Esports organise bootcamps for their players and teams, alongside a multitude of other content creation projects.

Below, we have a few words from Ivaelo Bozhilov, the Chief Financial Officer and Head of Partnerships at Wave Esports…

” For us at Wave, it was clear from the start that we would like to partner up with a renowned company such as Logitech. Managing to achieve this goal at such an early stage, especially as our first partner, is incredible.”

” Our philosophies’ overlaps made it especially easy to communicate with them and identify common goals and objectives. We both believe that passion and quality are the main drivers of success. We at Wave aim to exemplify this through ever decision we make.”

We are very excited to build a long-lasting partnership with Logitech, and we are looking forward to engaging with new companies who can accompany us both on this journey and help us reach our full potential.”

Ivaelo Bozhilov, CFO and Head of Partnerships at Wave Esports

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We also have a few words from Matthias Trumpfheller, Esports and Alliance Manager DACH, from Logitech…

Wave Esports has a nose for building successful rosters and attracting great talent. The performances of the Valorant and Fortnite teams in particular prove that Wave Esports made its mark in the scene and is here to stay.”

The leadership has a great vision and mindset that we at Logitech G share. We are happy to support Wave Esports and be part of their journey to the top.”

Matthias Trumpfheller, Esports and Alliance Manager DACH at Logitech
Wave Esports Logitech
Credit: Gamezo

Wave Esports was founded in 2019 and has quickly rose to prominence with the highest-ranking Fortnite roster in Germany and Valorant roster in Europe. The fact that they have secured Logitech as their first partner is huge and a sign that they could continue their rise to the top at an incredible rate.

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