WB Games Is Not For Sale Anymore, Bloomberg Reports

Well, this isn’t something we’d think we would see, but AT&T has decided that WB Games is not for sale anymore after valuing the division too valuable to sell. 

Earlier this year, you may remember that AT&T had listed WB Games for sale. At an estimated $4 Billion, this was kind of a big deal. WB Games incorporates developers like Rocksteady and NetherRealm, too, so it meant that whatever happened was a big deal for a lot of gamers! Now, though, it seems that plans have changed… 

A report from Bloomberg has suggested that AT&T has removed WB Games from the “available for sale” list of it’s non-core assets. With a recent change in CEO, John Stankey has taken over from Randall Stephenson. This could be one of the reasons, although, other insiders believe it’s much simpler… 

WB Games Is Not For Sale; Insiders Suggest This Could Be Down To Potential Growth

It would be safe to say that the COVID-19 Pandemic has seen an upturn in people playing games. Although it has impacted development and production, there are more people gaming now than ever before. With new consoles on the horizon, the hype for new games is bigger than ever before!

Is all this due to the positive reception of the new projects announced at the DC Fandome Event and the excitement around future projects? Maybe. 

WB Games Is Not For Sale
Credit: Gotham Knights

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