What Agents do Pro VALORANT Teams Use?

The most-used agent lineups in VALORANT across the top pro teams vary based on the map and team personnel. Sage is deemed necessary sometimes, while other teams tend to pass on her, while Cypher looks more and more automatic. Some pros are more comfortable playing one agent no matter the map. 

The current top three pro VALORANT teams according to are G2 Esports, TSM, and Sentinels. Here is how they run their agent compositions on each map.


G2 is considered by many to be the best pro VALORANT team in Europe, yet there is no way to prove they are the best in the world, as there won’t be international LANs for quite some time. But they have currently cruised through most of their European competition.

In their 53 recorded matches, 10 have been on Bind, 16 on Haven, 9 on Split and 18 on Ascent. Here is how they lineup on each map:

Bind: Cypher/Jett/Omen/Sage/Sova – six times

Brimstone/Cypher/Jett/Sage/Sova – four times

Haven: Cypher/Jett/Omen/Sage/Sova – eight times

Cypher/Omen/Raze/Sage/Sova – one time

Brimstone/Cypher/Jett/Sage/Sova – seven times

Split: Cypher/Jett/Omen/Raze/Sage – nine times

Ascent: Cypher/Jett/Omen/Sage/Sova – 17 times

Cypher/Jett/Phoenix/Sage/Sova  – one time

So G2 never goes without a Sage or Cypher and only ditches Sova on Split. 


TSM is always changing positions with Sentinels as best in North America. They experiment with a lot of different agent compositions and have a ton of versatile firepower on their team.

In 112 recorded matches according to, TSM have played Bind 21 times, 34 on Haven, 19 on Split and 38 on Ascent. Here is how they lineup on those maps:

Bind: Brimstone/Cypher/Jett/Phoenix/Sova – Seven times

Brimstone/Cypher/Phoenix/Omen/Sova – one time

They’ve also played a Brimstone/Cypher/Phoenix/Sage/Sova four different times. 


Brimstone/Cypher/Jett/Phoenix/Sova – 15 times

Brimstone/Cypher/Jett/Phoenix/Sage – 13 times

They’ve also used Reyna one time in place of Sage.


Brimstone/Cypher/Jett/Phoenix/Sage – six times

Brimstone/Jett/Omen/Phoenix/Sage – six times

They’ve also tried a Breach comp in place of Phoenix.


Cypher/Jett/Omen/Phoenix/Sova – 12 times

Brimstone/Cypher/Omen/Phoenix/Sova – 11 times

They even tried having a Viper instead of Sova, and they lost 13-7 to Sentinels.


Sentinels play at an unorthodox pace. They are almost never predictable, only falling when teams can find a way to get one step ahead of them. They have admittedly struggled on Haven, with just a 50% win rate that is shown in their five different agent compositions.


Brimstone/Cypher/Phoenix/Sage/Sova – 14 times

Brimstone/Cypher/Raze/Sage/Sova – four times


Brimstone/Cypher/Jett/Phoenix/Sova – two times

Brimstone/Phoenix/Reyna/Sage/Sova – two times

Brimstone/Cypher/Jett/Phoenix/Sage – two times

Breach/Brimstone/Cypher/Sage/Sova – three times


Cypher/Jett/Omen/Raze/Sage – 13 times


Breach/Cypher/Omen/Sage/Sova – 22 times


As you can see, the top pro teams always run Cypher, while running Sage most of the time. The primary duelists used are Jett and Phoenix, especially with the mastery of the Operator that a good Jett player can have. Brimstone is always preferred when a smoke character is needed, but Omen is always a good replacement or complementary piece. Sova is also much used on every map but Split.