What’s New With Festival of the Lost This Year?

Each class sporting their new ornaments

Festival of the Lost has kicked off in Destiny 2 on Tuesday October 6, so let’s see what Bungie has to offer players this time around.

Universal Ornaments

Festival of the Lost Warlock Universal Ornament Set
Festival of the Lost Hunter Universal Ornament Set
Festival of the Lost Titan Universal Ornament Set

Bungie has introduced a brand new set of universal ornaments for each class this year, and they look great (mostly). Universal ornaments are cosmetic pieces of armor that can be applied to any piece of armor (with the exception of Exotics). However, if you’re looking to hop into the haunted forest donning the “Blood Lineage Cover”(Warlock vampire helmet) while venturing for candy in the Haunted Forest, you’re out of luck. Unfortunately, these ornaments cannot be applied to any Festival of the Lost mask, which is a pretty big deal for players given that, for most of the event, players will have to sport a mask to complete bounties and collect candy in exchange for (more) masks and a variety of other goodies on sale from Eva Levante.

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Cypher Decoders/Currencies

This year, Bungie has implemented a brand new loot system to the Haunted Forest which includes locked chests at the end of every Haunted Forest completion. These locked chests can only be opened if players have a Cypher Decoder in their inventory. Once opened, a decoder will be removed from players’ inventories, and players will need to collect more to open more chests. These decoders have a max stack of 25 and seem to have an incredibly low drop rate, though some players have seemingly found ways around this low drop rate (Paul Tassi). There are, however, two types of event currency that have returned from past events: Candy and Chocolate Strange Coins. Candy is found by eliminating enemies around the system (but most abundant in the Haunted Forest) with a mask sold by Eva Levante equipped. Candy is used to purchase more masks from Eva, the returning Mystery Grab Bag and Epic Mystery Grab Bags which contain meager amounts of rewards, the only one of these really worth purchasing is the Epic variation, due to the masterwork materials that can drop. The final rewards that may be purchased with Candy are the new exotic rewards: Restless Shell (ghost shell), Tomb Rider (sparrow), and Wrap Speed (ship). These exotic rewards are available for purchase for 200, 300, and 500 Candy respectively, but can only be purchased after completing a triumph for each reward.

Haunted Weapons

Finally, Bungie has reintroduced previous iconic Festival of the Lost weapons: Braytech Werewolf and Horror Story with a slight update; Each gun can now roll with new perk combinations.

Braytech Werewolf auto rifle
Note: The weapon above is not from this year’s event and is static rolled.

Braytech Werewolf Perk Selection (current)

Trait Slot #1Trait Slot #2
Dynamic Sway ReductionUnrelenting
UnderdogElemental Capacitor
MulliganTap the Trigger
Under PressureEye of the Storm
Fourth Time’s the CharmVorpal Weapon
Credit: Light GG
Horror Story auto rifle

Horror Story Perk Combinations (current)

Trait Slot #1Trait Slot #2
Grave RobberSympathetic Arsenal
Killing WindDemolitionist
Firmly PlantedOsmosis
SubsistenceMoving Target
Ambitious AssassinSnapshot Sights
Credit: Light GG

That seems to cover the highlights of this year’s Festival of the Lost event in Destiny 2, so load into the tower (pay attention for some spooky tunes as you land) and go get your loot!

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