Which Valorant Agent Should You Play As?

If you are new to Valorant, learning characters and their abilities is as important as shooting straight. Each Valorant agent has a unique skill set and is suited for a different playstyle. Of the 11 agents, only a few are playable off the bat, yet after playing a few games, one can unlock new ones.

Valorant Agent classes

The 11 agents are broken down into four categories: Duelist, Initiator, Sentinel, and Controller. Each of these classes describes different kinds of impact that agents can have. 


A duelist is generally self-serving, trying to rack up frags while using abilities like flashes and movement quirks to gain positioning. If you find yourself having the itch for aggression, a duelist may satisfy your needs.

Phoenix: the fiery British agent has a firewall that blocks sight of enemies while dealing damage and a fire grenade that forces enemies out of choke points. Both of these also heal Phoenix if he stands on/inside the fire. But what is most useful are the flash grenades that curve around corners. These flashes are strong and blind enemies around the corner for a few seconds. 

His ultimate allows him to move from a spot and charge a bombsite before regenerating at the point of origin. This makes Phoenix a perfect entry fragger.

Jett: Ok, Jett is not seen as one of the best characters for a good team comp. This is due to her largely self-serving movements that don’t help the team that much, yet there is something so fun about playing as her. Her smokes and dashes can help her get out of difficult situations, and her jump and float can get her into important choke points on the map that no other character can get to. 

If you fancy throwing knives, Jett’s ultimate is a perfect way to tap heads with great precision while in the air. Unlock her if causing havoc all over the map is fun for you.

Reyna: The newest Valorant agent is still in need of more playtesting. There could be some tweaks coming, but currently, Reyna is a force to be reckoned with. If she gets a kill, she gets more power through her energy. She can consume the life force of a dead enemy and turn invisible shortly as well as heal herself off of it. 

She has a Leer ability that sends an orb that blinds enemies while leaving Reyna perfectly sighted. Enemies can shoot the orb to clear it, but it gives Reyna time to deal damage. Her ultimate increases her fire rate and keeps going as she gets more kills. Unlock Reyna if you want to completely snowball enemy teams.

Raze: The final duelist comes from El Salvador with lots of damage. Raze was the number one most hated agent in the early stages of the closed beta, and for good reason. Her grenades are very strong and can one-hit kill if you can’t get out in time. She used to have two at the start of every round, but that was tweaked pretty quickly. 

Her boom bot is a little explosive Roomba that can reveal an enemy hiding in a bombsite, which is very helpful. Her blast pack is a C4-type ability that can actually propel Raze forward or up. A big damage dealer is her ultimate, a giant rocket blast that kills everything within splash distance. Unlock her if you want to be a permanent proper nuisance to play against.


Controllers are characters that, well… they control. This means they can smoke off entry points, keep players at bay and help a team secure a bombsite. If you are a team player, look towards the controllers. 

Brimstone: Brimstone is a burly military guy who is necessary on any team. His smokes can be placed all around the map and are perfect for entering a bombsite. His stim beacon ability allows the entire team to gain extra fire rate on their weapons. He has an incendiary that melts off opposing teams and an ultimate that releases a fiery circle that can clear out a whole bombsite. 

Play as Brimstone if you want to help your team secure rounds while making clutch situations a whole lot easier. 

Omen: Omen is another character that can provide smoke cover. One of the most creative agents, Omen can teleport around the map, although it can be difficult to do without being snuffed out. Good Omen play leads to crazy highlight-reel plays and the entire map at your disposal. 

Play as Omen if you want a versatile character that can hold down bombsites while also initiating.

Viper: Viper is another versatile character. She also has a smoke, but it is actually a poison cloud that damages opposing agents moving through it. She is a controller due to her ability to locate enemies that step over her toxic screen. Her ultimate is pure chaos, as a giant poison cloud inflates over an area that decays other agents’ health while allowing Viper full vision and access. Unlock her for full chaotic energy.


Initiators are the Valorant Agents that operate as first point of attack when getting into a bombsite or snuffing out an enemy push. They can throw a defensive team off and let the offense come in with a new advantage.

Breach: A great hero, Breach is every defender’s nightmare. His flash can be shot through walls, blinding opponents who never see it coming. He has all sorts of ways to throw an opposing team off their rhythm. The ultimate is perfect for clearing out a bombsite, as it flashes and knocks up enemy players. Unlock Breach if you want to make offense a breeze.

Sova: The arrows of Russia’s greatest hunter can reveal an entire team’s position, proving the agent to be vital. His whole thing is information. Sova can see where an enemy team is on a bombsite or see if they are pushing up a specific route. His recon bolt can be shot in different positions, and players have to avoid being in range of the arrow’s revealing pulse. 

His ultimate is a little shaky, but it is a powerful blast that can be shot through walls while revealing enemy positions. Play Sova if you want to stay ahead of the other nine agents on the map. 


A sentinel is not a class with a well-defined characteristic. Regardless, the two agents in this list are arguably the two best in the game when utilized well. 

Sage: Sage is a healer and the only character that can be deemed 100% necessary in a team comp. She has an ability that can heal teammates or herself to full health, which she gets twice a round. Her destructible ice wall lasts 45 seconds and can completely stuff a push from an enemy, while her slow orbs slow down enemies like crazy. Her ultimate can resurrect a teammate, proving invaluable. 

Play as Sage if you want to be necessary help and win rounds on your own for your team without shooting a bullet. 

Cypher: Cypher can do some crazy things on a map. His Spycam allows him to watch an angle while on any other part of the map. His Trapwire goes invisible and can alert him to enemy aggression. The Cyber Cage ability pops up when an opposing player walks on it, blocking sight. 

Cypher’s ultimate shows his whole team the location of enemy players on the minimap. Play Cypher if you want to be the ultimate team player.

So find the perfect Valorant agent for your needs and have fun playing! Check out more of our Valorant content here.