Wild Rift: 2.0 Update Adds New Champions – Full Patch Notes

It’s the new year! Wild Rift has received it’s first update with the 2.0 Patch. Here’s everything we know about what’s been added to the mobile MOBA…

What’s better than one League of Legends? What about two?! Wild Rift takes everything great about LoL and downsizes it for your mobile devices. It’s already proven to be extrememly popular and now, with Season One on the horizon, the first major update has hit the mobile MOBA.

This update includes a number of UI changes and a lot of additional skins. Balancing changes will be added as-and-when they are revealed by the Wild Rift team!

Wild Rift Full Version 2.0 Patch Notes

Wild Rift 2.0 Patch
Credit: Riot Games

New Champions

It isn’t quite the full roster, but five additional Champions have been brought into Wild Rift from League of Legends via the Yordle Event…

  • Corki;
  • Kennen;
  • Tristana;
  • Lulu;
  • Teemo;

Added Features

Party Finder

  • Essential for casual players without full-stacks;
  • Party Owners will be able to make their party public and open lobbies can be filtered by type;

Latency Indicators

  • Removed from homepage due to inaccuracies, now can be found while in-game and playing;

Social Sharing

  • Share achievements on various social networking applications;
  • Compatible with end-of-game scoreboard, end-of-game personal performance, career most played champion, season rank, win streak, new champion unlocks, new skin unlocks, and leaderboard screens;

Map Description

  • Detailed information about map layouts now available;

Mastery Emotes

  • Unlocked by achieving specific ranks and levels in-game;


  • ” A lot of new skins have been added ” – sums it up well but we’ll list them below…
  • Sad Robot Amumu;
  • Urfrider Corki;
  • Arcade Corki;
  • Star Guardian Janna;
  • Star Guardian Jinx;
  • Artic Ops Kennen;
  • Star Guardian Lulu;
  • Dragon Trainer Lulu;
  • Star Guardian Lux;
  • Cottontail Teemo;
  • Guerilla Tristana;
  • Arclight Varus;
  • Little Devil Teemo;
  • Little Demon Tristana;
  • Wicked Lulu;
  • Super Kennen;
  • Star Guardian Ezreal;

Champion Rotation

  • Free-to-play champions rotated following the update;
  • Jan 7 – Jan 13: Barum, Camille, fizz, Graves, Jhin, Malphite, Orianna, Shyvana, Sona, and Varus;
  • Jan 14 – Jan 20: Akali, Alistar, Dr. Mundo, Drave, Jarvan IV, Miss Fortune, Soraka, Tryndamere, Xin Zhao, and Xed;

Game Systems Changes

Ping Replies

  • Can now reply to in-game pings;

Monster Respawn Timers

  • Spawn timers for Dragon/ Baron will be shown on the scoreboard;
  • UI Improvements;

Scoreboard Logic

  • Enemy information will now only update when players gain vision;

Emotes Wheel

  • Emotes Wheel can be accessed by holding down on Champion;

System Messages UI

  • System messages will not block player’s view of their champion anymore;

Detailed Stats

  • Detailed stats can now be found on stats tabs of scoreboard;
  • Damage reduction % of Armour and Magic Resistance items can be found now;
  • Conversion of Haste to Cooldown Reduction can be found now;

Tower Prioritization

  • Towers will now focus on Super Minions before Siege Minions;


  • Season One of Ranked will begin on Jan 8, 2021;
  • Every player who participated in Season Zero will get some rewards;


  • Updates every 10-15 minutes, rather than every 24 hours;

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