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Wild Rift: How to Surrender

So far, the League of Legends: Wild Rift beta has been pretty fun. There’s no quicker way for your fun to be ruined, however than your ADC going to the wrong lane, dying 7 times, then closing out the game, leaving you with a bot. Sometimes the best option is just to forfeit and go to the next match. The game doesn’t do a great job of telling you how, though, so here’s how to surrender in Wild Rift.

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Analyzing the state of the match

Before you even look for the surrender button, the best course of action is to analyze how the match is going so far. Just because your Zed went 0/2 in mid lane doesn’t mean the match is lost. Here’s a couple things to look out for.

  • How many of your teammates are ahead, and how many are behind?
  • Is your team comprised of early game champions, or can your champions make a comeback in the late game?
  • Is an enemy literally too strong to take down for the rest of the match?
  • Are your teammates flaming each other, or does it seem like they have given up?

Depending on the answers to these questions, it may or may not be worth actually giving up. Playing from behind is a skill worth learning, and comebacks happen all the time.

How to surrender in Wild Rift

When a game is clearly lost, there’s no point in delaying the inevitable. In those cases, the best option is to keep your cool, surrender with your team, and go into the next match with a fresh mindset.

Unfortunately, Wild Rift doesn’t really explain how to surrender, and the option is kind of hidden away in the menus. In order to surrender in Wild Rift, pull up the settings tab in a match, and click the surrender button on the bottom on of the screen.

An important distinction between Wild Rift and PC League of Legends is that in the PC version, your team has to wait at least 15 minutes to surrender. Because Wild Rift is a much faster-paced game, and many games end by the 15 minute mark, the time at which you can surrender is much earlier, at 5 minutes.

The last thing to note about surrendering is that a simple majority vote will not make for a successful forfeit. Your team has to have at least four members willing to concede. A 3-2 vote will not go through, but a 4-1 vote will.

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