Will Shroud Come Out Of Retirement For Valorant?

Ever since the shutdown of Mixer, Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek has been all but silent. Recently, he has been dropping hints on Twitter as to what his future plans may be. It might be possible that he will pursue a professional career in Valorant.

In the past few days, Shroud has posted two teaser gifs on his Twitter highlighting a potential new move. The first gif shows a trigger being pulled on a rifle and then a quick kill against Omen, an Agent from Valorant. This may symbolize that he is pulling the trigger to commit to the game.

There is also the possible connection made by Jake Lucky from Esports Talk that Shroud may be potentially joining Team Liquid, as a similar Omen pose was posted in TL’s Valorant roster teaser.

Today, Shroud posted another gif involving more Valorant footage over a knife and an SMG. This is further proof that Shroud has committed to either streaming Valorant exclusively or joining a team.

The idea that he would be joining a team was originally denied by Grzesiek. In an interview with One Esports, Shroud said he didn’t plan on playing competitively while also maintaining a full time streaming schedule.

Shroud’s Return From Retirement & Mixer

However, now that Mixer has paid out the former CS pro, it may be possible that he no longer needs to have a full time stream. With all of these changes, it is incredibly hard to tell what is going to be happening with one of the greatest shooters across all games. If Team Liquid is able to pick him up for their roster, it will be a huge move for both Shroud and TL. While there is no official word on the roster lineup just yet, the Twitter page is counting down the days until a reveal. Whether or not his name will appear on that card on August 7th is anyone’s guess.