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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, the KFC Console is Real?

KFC console

So, apparently Kentucky Fried Chicken (yes, the fast food joint) has been putting their resources towards development of the latest and greatest next-gen console: “The KFConsole.”

“The KFConsole has arrived. Forged from the fires of the KFC ovens and built by Cooler Master from the ground up, there has never been a tastier way to experience the latest titles in stunning 4k, 240fps”

Credit: Cooler Master

Okay, so it looks like the KFC console is just a PC in the shape of a KFC bucket, but it’s still unbelievable. This is also the first known PC to include a built-in “Chicken Chamber” to keep your chicken crispy and hot while you catch those victory royales and actual chicken dinners!

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The KFC console ships in a custom Cooler Master NC100 chassis and runs on an Intel Nuc 9 which keeps space down and is capable of *checks notes* “driving performances that mere mortals could only dream of.” The console also comes equipped with a hot swappable GPU slot which should allow for everlasting longevity.

KFC console
Credit: KFC

If you thought that was it, you’re absolutely wrong. The KFC console includes not one but two Seagate BarraCuda 1TB SSDs! So you’ll have plenty of space for the only game you’ll ever need…I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator.

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If you’re still not impressed, the KFC console is also VR ready, supports ray tracing, can reach 240 FPS with up to 240 Hz output, and supports 4K-TV gaming. It looks like the only things we don’t have so far are a release date and a price. I’m still convinced this is a meme, but it seems like it would be a pretty expensive meme, so I guess we’ll see if KFC announces more details about their gaming console soon.

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