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Worlds 2020 Finals: DWG Shows Strength and Wins Game 1

Worlds 2020 Finals - DWG

League of Legends’ biggest international event and World Championship begins its final showdown between the LCK representative and consistently-strong contender, Damwon Gaming, going against the “upset-kings” from the LPL league, Suning. First blood has been drawn and Damwon Gaming takes the lead in the Worlds 2020 final match-up!

Picks and Bans: Epic Team Fights

To start, Suning won the opportunity to choose which side to play and ultimately choosing Red Side. Moving on to the drafts and picks, DWG fits themselves more with a team-oriented composition. DWG line-up includes Ornn, Graves, Orianna, Ashe and Pantheon. While on the other side of the rift is Wukong, Shen, Azir, Ezreal and Leona. Suning’s comp was looking fairly well at keeping the enemy team at arm’s length and disengaging. Many eyes focus on the star jungler match-up of SofM and Canyon but we can’t just ignore the bot lane for this game. After champions were locked in, fans expect epic team fights judging from both teams’ picks.

A Consistent Back-and-Forth

Early in the game, both teams played slowly and cautiously, showing quite the respect for their opponents. By the 10-minute mark, Suning ganks Nuguri at the top lane and draws first blood. However, when seen from a bigger perspective, DWG takes their second Drake and prioritizes objectives. A questionable trade from Suning. A bot lane fight at 13-min puts Damwon on the board as Canyon takes his first kill. Then, Damwon moves their focus to Dragon and takes it with no contest from Suning. At the 17-minute mark, a bot lane play from DWG picks up Bin but Suning turns it around. SofM joins the fight a bit later trading 3 for 2 with Suning in the lead.

Successful Team Fights Wins Games

The first team fight erupts at 22 minutes into the game by the Dragon, something inevitable as Damwon collects their buffs and forcing Suning to contest them from another. DWG controls the map well and finds Bin out of position, putting them in a good position to take the rest of the team and gaining Infernal Soul. Another team fight breaks out at the 27-minute mark at the bot lane, a 4 for 1 trade for Suning. The difference from the first round? It was a standard front-to-back play, no fancy flanks and positioning from SN… which is how they should be playing their comp. 30 minutes into the game, Damwon isolates SwordArt and takes a 4 for 2 trade, but SN takes the Elder Drake. Just a few moments after, Showmaker catches huanfeng and gets him for a solo kill, continuing to shut down Suning. At this time, it is 14-12 for Damwon.

Damwon Takes Objectives

At 35 minutes, Damwon takes Baron and a kill, yet leaving unscathed. Then at 37 minutes, the Elder Dragon falls to Damwon as Suning contests it too late. Thus giving DWG the chance to be able to push their lanes towards enemy base with baron-empowered minions. However, Damwon decided this wouldn’t be the final push. In a last chance at a team fight, Nuguri picks off SofM and grabs the Baron buff. Right after, more of SN was shut down and with another round of baron-empowered minions, Damwon proceeded to march into Suning’s vulnerable base. Game 1 ended at 44 minutes, the longest game in Worlds 2020 so far, with 21-12 for Damwon Gaming.

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Many of the casters highlighted Damwon’s well executed team fights and that Suning had a good chance of turning it around if only they worked the map better as well as taking on a standard team fight play: taking what’s in front of them rather than placing themselves around and prioritizing flanking positions. Suning is quite the “wildcard” but they don’t always have to play like one.

Are we going to see this type of play back on the meta where objectives and team fights around it will win games? What’s your predictions for the Worlds 2020 Finals? Did you get it right? Share your thoughts with us down in the comments below.

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