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Worlds 2020 Finals Preview: Suning vs DAMWON Gaming – New Generation is Here!

DAMWON Gaming & Suning will face each other at the Worlds Finals. This will be a first-time appereance for both teams at the grandest stage of all. Will LPL claim the title once again, or will Korea finally break the streak & take the trophy after 3 unsuccessful years?  Let’s rewind on how they made it to this stage.

Worlds 2020 – Suning’s dark horse run

Suning came to the tournament as the 3rd seed from the LPL. After being destroyed by fellow representatives TES during the summer playoffs, no one thought that Suning could take it all.
The team was also considered inexperienced since most of the players had never made it to the tournament prior to this year. However, their performance in group stage was remarkable, as they finished first in their groups, beating G2 twice ( once for the important tie-breaker ).
Then, they faced JDG in quarterfinals and TES in semis, taking them down both in pretty convincing fashion, establishing themselves as the ultimate dark horse of the tournament. It has been a truly spectacular run by the LPL team: now there’s only one last step to glory.

Worlds 2020 – DAMWON is the perfect example of Korean playstyle

DAMWON Gaming is probably the favorite coming into the Finals. Basically unbeaten throughout the whole tournament, they’re an extremely clean team, with high levels of fundamentals. No one comes close in terms of understanding the team comps, with almost perfect execution to ensure their way to victory.
It will be important to see whether the team can answer surprises & strange moves if SN will throw any at them. The series can be a really close one, but it might end abruptly, just like the DWG vs. G2 series, which saw the fastest game in Worlds history.

League of Legends – 2020 Worlds Semifinals: DAMWON Gaming crush G2 Esports,  qualify to finals - Millenium

THE FINALS – a Show between Junglers

The recent meta has turned junglers from a utility-based role to a carry-oriented style. It is to no surprise that the two junglers in the finals are extremely high-impact players. For this reason, all the eyes will be on SofM & Canyon. Their performances will become one of the big keys to victory.
Despite that, don’t count out everyone else. Bin & Nuguri, the best 2 top laners of the tournament, will be an explosive one. Both play also carry-style top laners so expect them to pick up mechanically intense champions.

The main concern, instead, might be towards the mid lane: Angel can suffer against ShowMaker. This will depend on how the draft phase goes. The same goes for the botlane. Ghost & HuanFeng usually play different champions so it will all come down to what the teams want to achieve.

This is why the draft phase will play such a big part in this series: DWG will draft in a very textbook manner, while Suning will most likely rely on the comfort picks. Remember that DWG is famous for the Camille-Nidalee-Twisted Fate trio they had so much success with: Suning most likely target that by banning out a few of those champions. On the other hand, SofM’s signature Lee Sin might be banned from play as well as Lucian & Ornn, since Suning doesn’t feel comfortable playing those champions.

While things can be analyzed, there are so many factors in this series that cannot be predicted. Every player will have to show their best performance of their lives in order to win, so it will be down to who shows up more on the day. This is, however, a new era for League of Legends: the second wave of players is finally coming, and it’s stronger than ever.

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