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Worlds 2020 Finals Re-Cap: Damwon Gaming Are World Champions, 3-1

Damwon World Champions

Worlds 2020 has come to an end, but we say hello to the new reigning champions, LCK’s first seed team: Damwon Gaming! On October 31st in Shanghai, China, the League of Legends World Championship tournament came to its final match-up against Damwon Gaming and LPL’s “cinderella-story” team, Suning. After a fierce four games, Damwon wrapped up the show and proved their strength.

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Damwon Gaming Worlds Championship
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Here’s a re-cap of how the epic 4 final games went and how champions were made: Game 1 consisted of slow plays emphasizing on team fights. Lasting almost 45 minutes, it was quite the back-and-forth until Damwon collected a great share of dragon and baron buffs and finally sealing the deal as they take down enemy base. Game 2 flaunted the “wildcard”-esque Suning that everyone has come to love, pulling out a Rengar-Fiora pick. This earned Suning top-laner, Bin, a pentakill on Fiora and a part in Worlds history as the first-ever pentakill in a Worlds finals.

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Game 3 looked fairly similar with Game 1. With a couple build oddities from Suning with their Jax and Nidalee picks. Just like the first game, with the early game paced slowly until fights ensued. Damwon was looking to take this game, but small mistakes don’t go unpunished with Suning. SN Angel took the liberties and aced for Suning in a team fight later in the game. But Damwon, regrouped and with top-laner Nuguri’s Kennen stepping up and controlling team fights there after, DWG was ready to get their second game win. Now at matchpoint, Game 4 was quite the easiest to predict. Damwon, with their great pacing and control over objectives and dragon-baron buffs, was able to build a stable foundation for the team. DWG kept pushing Suning further back until they couldn’t return to reverse the game and went on to win the World Championship.

The final showdown was a spectacle to watch from both sides. Lots of respect can be seen given by both teams to their opponents, reading the right movements and cautiously deciding on how to move forward. Worlds 2020 puts a cap on the LPL’s goal of a 3-peat region win as the LCK team comes out on top. The last the LCK held up the Summoner’s Cup was back in 2017 by Samsung Galaxy.

DWG Canyon Worlds MVP
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Tournament MVP was awarded to DWG jungler, Canyon, for his outstanding performance. The stability and consistency by this all-star jungler cannot be denied. Just look at his stats. Congratulations to the Worlds 2020 Champions, Damwon Gaming, and a round of applause for their formidable opponent, Suning Game. We can’t wait to see what the following year brings.

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