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DWG Beat DRX in a One-Sided Sweep to Start Quarterfinals

This… wasn’t the most exciting match. DWG beat DRX in the LCK finals already, that match was a swift 3-0, and these Quarters were even further in that direction. 3-0, without a game being close, and for the most part without action either.

Game 1

Nothing happened in this game, aside from Damwon winning.

The entire game went passively. DRX agreed on a teamfight that cost them two kills, traded back with two of their own later on without them resulting in anything. 3 turrets to 1 by 28 minutes, still 2 kills to 2, gold difference under 2 thousand the entire game, and not even attempts at engaging other fights.

Then, DWG picked up an Infernal Soul and went straight to picking up a Baron right after – still without any other kills. The fifth death happened past 33 minutes, allowing Damwon to get the Elder dragon and a teamfight win, and by that point the game was over, and was closed out a few minutes afterwards.

Damwon had priority the whole game, DRX never contested them, so a lack of action ensued until they eventually lost.

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Game 2

DRX actually showed signs of life in this game, staying even early on in spite of some bad decisions, and getting a decisive teamfight win just before the 20-minute mark. Unfortunately, Damwon is known for their mid to late game prowess, and the next fight went to them, resulting in both a Baron and a dragon.

From that point on, the LCK’s first seed stayed in control the whole game, and DWG beat DRX in an even slightly shorter game than the first one one teamfight later.

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Game 3

The final game was the one that had some action, fortunately for the viewers wanting to be awake by the end of the series, and unfortunately for DRX who picked Vel’Koz as a pick adapted for more stable, more organized games such as the first two.

Who said wards weren’t combat tools?

The majority of the early action favored DRX, until Damwon snagged three quick picks and put themselves in the lead. By the 20-minute mark, DWG were ahead by 2.5k gold, with a score of 8 to 6. That was the last time the runner-ups had any control in the game, and the match closed out 5 minutes later, with the score having gone up to 21-7.

Ironically, the closer the game, the faster it ended, with the whole series being just a mere three seconds over100 minutes long. For the record, this is 57 seconds longer than the LCK finals was. Most everyone expected that DWG beat DRX, and a major part of the predictions also suggested a 3-0, so this fell fully within what was imagined, and we can hope the next series to be more entertaining.

DWG beat DRX in what should (hopefully) be the most one-sided match of the Playoffs

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The Playoffs bracket after DWG beat DRX
The Playoffs bracket after DWG beat DRX