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G2 Beat GenG in a Swift 3-0 to Conclude Quarterfinals

As we wrap up the quarterfinals for this year, G2 beat GenG in a very one-sided series, in spite of the analysts’ predictions going either way.

Game 1

A game that was even… until it wasn’t. The Koreans drafted a teamfighting comp, while G2 built around picks with Twisted Fate, Pantheon, Jhin and Camille. And while both teams did their best to focus on their strengths, G2 were the ones who were able to force it to go their way.

GenG opened up the series with a strong start, winning an early skirmish, getting a lead in farm and turret plates in all three lanes, and taking three dragons without contest. However, G2 replied getting pick after pick, eventually putting themselves in the lead. And while the European team opted against contesting the drakes to not give in to teamfights, the pressure they applied let them convert all these kills into a Baron, followed up turrets and drakes.

Eventually, GenG tried getting a Nashor of their own, and turned to fight G2, even opening up with two kills, their first two since the very first fight of the game. And the remaining European members simply swept the teamfight and marched down mid to finish the game with a 19-4 scoreline.

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Game 2

One of the bloodiest games of the tournament. 5 kills at level 2, up to 13 by minute 8, and mirroring yesterday’s 21 kills by minute 13, action went across all lanes and all players. The game remained in a very even state through all of it until G2 broke ahead slightly, which didn’t prevent GenG from looking for fights of their own.

However, this lead to their demise, as the Koreans threw themselves into 5v5 situations repeatedly while having a pick composition highly resembling that of G2 from the previous game. The Europeans’ advantage grew and grew, as did the kill count, and GenG’s refusal to fall quietly didn’t prevent them from falling altogether. Fights that would start positively for the Koreans would simply end up in Caps taking down everyone on Sylas, and G2 closed out the game with a score of 28 to 11 in 29 minutes.

Game 3

Game 3 was another fairly action-packed encounter, this one being very back and forth. The two teams religiously took turns winning fights – G2 struck the first blow, GenG answered shortly later by equalizing the kills, G2 got another fight, GenG took the next one and a Baron, G2 struck back in the following and claimed the Infernal Soul, GenG replied once more… and eventually, Europe brought the last teamfight home, alongside the Nexus, the game, and the series.

With a final score of 23-14 in 32 minutes and gold numbers less than 5k apart, this was the closest game G2 beat GenG in.

G2 beat GenG and advance to the semifinals of Worlds 2020

This whole series went in a very one-sided and decisive fashion. While they proved to be much more combative than DRX were on Thursday, G2 beat GenG without breaking a sweat today, hopefully setting up for a great semifinals against a Damwon that is on a whole different level than the third seed.

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