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Worlds 2020 Week 1 Groups Recap: Damwon and TES Remain Undefeated, Ties in Groups A and C

Now that we are halfway through the main event of the 2020 World Championship, here’s a recap of week 1 of the Worlds 2020 groups stage, to get you caught up for the second part!

Group A

Group A was expected to go to G2 or Suning, and so far meets expectations – at least in terms of overall score. Three particular matches were notable:

  • G2 vs Suning: Considered as the best game of Worlds thus far, G2 took hold of the first place by beating Suning in a very close match.
  • MCX vs TL: On the same day, Machi Esports took a win against Liquid in the first upset of the group stage.
  • TL vs G2: Liquid claimed their only win against the otherwise undefeated G2 Esports.

The second part of group A will play out tomorrow, and all teams have their own story to write. Can G2 repeat the performance of week 1 while rectifying the supposed fluke against TL? Will Suning win the return match against G2 to claim the first spot? Can Machi continue the upsets? Will Liquid carry on the momentum of their win against their European counterpart?

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Group B

So far, group B has gone without upsets. An Eastern domination was expected here, with the first spot going to the LCK’s winners, and each team won against all line-ups under them. Most wins were decisive, with Damwon finishing on a 15k gold lead against JDG, and Rogue barely missing scoring a perfect game against PSG.

As of now, it looks like the standings will remain the same by the end of week 2. But the tides could change if JDG were to win the rematch against their Korean counterparts, Rogue aren’t out if they manage to bounce back from their rocky first week, and PSG isn’t mathematically eliminated yet. The action for this group resumes on Friday!

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Group C

Group C was said to be the one that any team could win, and it holds true for three of them. Fnatic, Gen. G and LGD all took a win off of each other, with TSM having yet to come online despite putting up a fight.
Notable matches:

  • Gen. G vs LGD: A 45-minute long brawl, full of action, and the first close match of the Group stage.
  • FNC vs Gen. G: An aggressive, back-and-forth game where both teams constantly tried to make plays.

This group promises to be the most interesting one moving forward. Tune in on Saturday to see it unfold!

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Group D

Just like group B, this is another group going as expected. The team winning the LPL is undefeated, followed by Korea’s second seed, with NA coming after before closing out the group with the Wildcard team.
Notable matches:

  • TOP vs DRX: Another close fight, concluding in what wound up being the LCK’s first loss.

Overall, the competition has so far seemed close between Korea, China, and Europe’s first two seeds, while Rogue lags behind alongside North America and the minor teams.

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