Xbox Game Pass Will Absolutely Come to iOS

After a battle between Microsoft and Apple that ended possibility for native xCloud access for Apple users, it looks like iOS users will reportedly be able to bypass Apple to gain access to Xbox Game Pass games on their devices anyway as soon as 2021.

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Credit: Microsoft

Earlier this year, Microsoft shut down any possibility of xCloud, their solution to cloud gaming on the go, being supported on iOS devices as Apple, and Microsoft were unable to reach a financial agreement. This caused many iOS users to be disappointed, and many wished that both parties could come back together to figure things out. It doesn’t seem that this is the case, but it does look like Microsoft has found a workaround to bypass Apple’s App Store. “We absolutely will end up on iOS with Game Pass,” says Phil Spencer, head of Xbox. Spencer also claims that they are aiming for a potential 2021 launch of a “direct browser-based solution.” (Credit: Business Insider) While this means that xCloud will unfortunately not receive native support on iOS (at least for now), this is a big move for Microsoft, as it looks to take inspiration for Amazon’s recently announced game streaming service known as “Luna” by running as a web app rather than a downloadable application from the native App Store that iOS users have come to be very familiar with. It looks like players will just have to wait and see how well and when this launches sometime in 2021.

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Are you excited to see Xbox Game Pass coming to iOS devices? Which games are you excited to play on your iPhone and/or iPad when Game Pass comes to iOS next year? Let us know in the comments below!

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