Xbox Series X Price Revealed At $499 With November 10 Launch

Following on from the late-night announcement of the Series S, the Xbox Series X price has been revealed alongside a confirmed launch date!

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The Xbox Series X Price has been confirmed to be $499/£450. This is about what everyone expected following on from the announcement that the Xbox Series S will be $299/£250. Both consoles will be launching on November 10 with Monthly Payment Plan options!

Xbox Series X Price
Credit: 343 Industries

Xbox may not have Halo Infinite coming at launch, but that doesn’t mean they’re out of the running yet. Playing the next generation of Xbox games has never been more affordable! Xbox All Access is a great way to bring Xbox to more people. It may be competitively priced, but $499 is still a lot of money. Thankfully, with Xbox All Access, you can just pay a monthly amount!

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Is The Xbox Series X Price Worth It, Though?

The Xbox Series X is a powerhouse, in any respect. It will have 12 Teraflops of power, True 4K graphics, and 120 FPS capabilities. It’s also 8K ready for when we reach the next milestone in graphical performance. You can read the official statement regarding the Xbox Series X pricing below.

Xbox Series X Pricing Information

This pricing news comes as a welcome confirmation of long-standing rumours. However, there is still no news on the PlayStation 5! Although that is rumoured to be coming to market at a similar price point, it will be interesting to see whether their delay in announcing the price of the new console will impact their sales.

It almost definitely won’t… But the Xbox announcement might finally be the leap of faith needed to push Sony into their own announcements.