Xyp9x set to return for BLAST Premier Fall Series

The ‘clutch minister’ will return to the active roster in November, to play the BLAST Premier Fall Series, to avoid any loss of points on the Road to Rio Circuit, in which Astralis rank 7th.

This marks his return to the active roster after his four month hiatus, that started shortly after their In-Game-Leader Lukas ‘gla1ve’ Rossander stepped down citing health issues.

To replace the two vacant spots on their active roster, Astralis has undergone an expansion to a seven man roster, adding Patrick ‘es3tag’ Hansen amidst the negotiations conveying the Heroic roster to Fun-Plus Phoenix, even bringing in Jakob “JUGi” Hansen for a two month trial before adding Lucas ‘Bubzkji’ Andersen from their compatriots at MAD Lions.

Lucas ‘Bubzkji Andersen only played four series since he joined: two 2-0 wins and two 0-2 losses.

As gla1ve returned, Bubzkji returned to the bench with es3tag remaining in the active roster as a replacement for Xyp9x, that decided to post-pone his return.

With this roster the team was able to conquer the title of ESL Pro League Season 12 champions, with a lower bracket run that culminated in a revengeful 2-0 against Heroic at the semi-finals (the Casper ‘CadiaN’ Møller lead team had defeated them on the opening round of the upper bracket) and a 3-2 comeback on the finals against Natus Vincere.

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While Xyp9x has already returned to practice with the team, es3tag will represent Astralis for DreamHack Open Fall, coming up on 15th of October.

Finishing ESL Pro League with a 1.11 HLTV Rating, es3tag has secured his place for yet one more event.

As the complete line-up that Astralis will present in BLAST is still on the hands of Danny ‘zonic’ Sørensen, it is possible that es3tag stays on the team, with another member of the roster being replaced by Xyp9x. Nevertheless, things do look dim for Bubzkji making another appearance at the great stage as he hasn’t played a match for Astralis since the 3rd of September.

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