Zaptius replaces Dylan on London Royal Ravens

In what’s quite a surprising move, the London Royal Ravens have dropped Dylan and picked up Zaptius, who will join the roster for Stage 3 of the CDL.

London Royal Ravens have struggled in the 2021 CDL season, with their first stage ending in an 0-5 result and not picking up any CDL points. However, in Stage 2 the Royal Ravens picked up 20 CDL points, finishing 7-8.

A change was definitely foreseeable for the Royal Ravens after results got better for them when they picked up PaulEhx for their roster; with this change the London team is now 50% American which kind of reflects a similar pattern over in the North American region with Toronto Ultra, who won Stage 2, making themselves a full EU roster.

Zaptius had an impressive run with WestR in the Challengers Series and has had eyes looking at him since the start of the season. WestR won the First Stage of the Challengers Series but then went onto drop in placements as their players slowly started to get snagged onto CDL teams with PaulEhx being another to join the Ravens.

With Toronto Ultra winning Stage 2 of the CDL with a full EU roster, it’ll be interesting to see if the Royal Ravens are be able to win with their roster being 50% North American. This season has already been extremely exciting with a lot of teams already making roster changes this season to make the year more competitive than the previous season of the CDL.

What do you think of this change to the Royal Ravens roster? Do you think they will improve or do you think they’ll stagnate?

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